Day by Day

Thursday, November 08, 2018

I ain't paying $10 shipping for a $5 item

Look, let's say you're selling a widget, and it's not a widget I can't live without.  It's a small, light widget that might weigh an ounce.  Maybe.

Shipping on that widget should be a buck or two.  Call it a dollar for postage and shipping materials, and another dollar for the time you spend slapping it in an envelope.

I'm not going to pay $10 for you to put your widget, your nice flat light widget, in an envelope and put a first class stamp on it.

Hell, Talon Grips didn't charge me a damn thing for shipping, because they can effectively ship me their grips in a flat first-class USPS envelope.  And USPS will come pick it up for free.  They don't even have to fight lines at the Post Office.

Anyways, just wanted to get that off my chest.


p2 said...

amen. i'll pay the extra markup on stuff just because i choose to live at the literal end of the road so i don't pay exorbitant shipping costs. 75% of the time amazon won't even ship to my location..... schmucks.

Ragin' Dave said...

Yep. I was willing to spend the $5 for the novelty widget that amused me. I was not willing to pay DOUBLE THAT COST just for someone to stuff it in an envelope and mail it to me.