Day by Day

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Belated birthday present

So, the Mrs. got a Ruger LC9s Pro for an anniversary gift.  It's going to be her carry gun, and she's put several hundreds downrange since she got it.  And of course, since I'm in the lane right next to her, she allows me some time with it.

Oh my, that trigger.  And it's a single stack 9mm that's almost as small as a .380 pistol.  And it shoots so very, very nice.....

So I got one as well for my birthday.  Somewhat belated, but I'm calling it my birthday gift.  So we now have His and Hers Rugers.  I ordered some Talon grips for mine, in Moss.  So we can tell them apart. 

This will be my carry gun during hot weather.  My Taurus or my 1911 will be my cold weather gun.  Screw this whole "dressing around the gun" thing.  I'm just buying a gun that fits the climate. 


p2 said...

welcome to my world. gotta think about a couple extra layers to punch thru in winter up here. even indoors. carry a kimber 1911 from about oct thru may.. first couple rounds are ball, rest are hollowpoints. rest of the year it's a good ol' fashioned s&w .38. to be honest, i'm way less concerned with the 4 legged critters up here than the 2 legged ones.

Ragin' Dave said...

Most the four-legged critters up in your neck of the woods need more than a .45 ACP to get them to leave you alone. I have family up there. They tell some pretty good stories, and only a few of them I consider to be exaggerations.