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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Transgenderism is mental illness presenting itself

So these numbers are not a shock to me.

One of the most celebrated groups in the mainstream media is transgendered people or people who suffer from gender dysphoria. 
This lead to transgenderism becoming a fad that had many people claiming to be transgendered, especially among the young. However, data now shows that those young people who do embrace a life of transgenderism seem to have abnormally high suicide rates. 
The study comes from the American Academy of Pediatrics, which reveals that half of those who say they are transgendered attempt suicide at a rate of near or at 50 percent:

Liberals want to pretend that the desire to cut off your genitalia is somehow normal and good.  This is because Liberals are mentally ill, and like a drug addict defending the use of drugs by someone else, they must defend the mentally ill behavior of others in order to justify their own actions.

But treating a mentally ill person by encouraging their mental illness only causes more harm.  It's time to stop encouraging people in their illness, and help guide them to actions that can actually help them recover.

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