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Wednesday, September 05, 2018

There's a storm a-brewin'!

I'm posting this in advance, because by tomorrow morning there's supposed to be a tropical storm perched overhead on the Ragin' Household, and this being Mississippi, with powerlines covered by acres of trees, there's no guarantee that I'm going to have power or internet tomorrow.


Oh, and the whole hysteria over Bret Kavanaugh's confirmation is just golden for Trump supporters in the coming midterms.  You don't even need to script any ads, just play the video from various assholes and dipshits speaking about how the world will end and kittens will die and all women will be forced into bondage and unicorns will go extinct if he gets confirmed.

Won't stop them from being elected in New York or California, but those places have ceased to be American in any real sense.

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