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Monday, September 10, 2018

Range time went well

The Ragin Mrs. is a wheelgun kinda gal, so semi-autos aren't something with which she has a lot of experience.  For one, she's unused to the kick of a sub-compact.  Hell, lots of folks are unused to the kick of a sub-compact, but she was a bit more startled by it due to her experiences with her .38 Special.  Still, she got to try out three different guns (four if you count my carry piece) and figure out a bit more just what she's looking for. 

Also, there was more gun shopping, which is to say a whole lot of holding guns, testing how they feel in the hand, drooling over the $5,000 custom 1911, but no actual buying of guns.  Because budget.

I also cut down a few small trees next to the house so we can begin setting up a range for my .22LR pistol.  The Mrs. wants the ability to go out and put some rounds on target so she's more confident with a larger gun.  I have the targets.  Now I have the space.  Although it was raining like crazy yesterday, so no bang bang yet.  Plus it was humid as hell.  Because Mississippi.  I've never seen moss grow on metal before until I got here.

This is going to be a busy couple of weeks, and then I'll be taking more leave at the end of the month.  I gave back a couple of days of leave last year.  That's not happening again.

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