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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Hummingbird migration season is here

Being from the North, I had not really understood what that meant.  I mean, I saw geese and ducks migrating, and bald eagles migrating, and various other animals heading either North or South depending on the season.  But we saw a few extra hummingbirds around the feeders this week, and we were told it's hummingbird migration season, and we should put out extra food because they eat as much as possible before they head out.

So, ok, let's grab a couple more feeders, put 'em out and see if we can attract one or two more birds.

Uh huh.  One or two.  Yeah.

The Ragin' Mrs set up her iPad yesterday and recorded about an hour and a half of hummingbirds swarming the three feeders in the back yard.  Rough guess, we had at least thirty different birds coming by.  They drained a full-sized feeder in two days, and that's with other feeders still hanging around the house being hit.  Folks downtown are reporting hundreds of hummingbirds in one area, and I figure it'll get a bit more crazy before they pack up and head further South.

Also - hummingbirds are mean little bastards to each other.  On the video we got, you can actually hear the birds colliding as they go after each other for the best feeding spot.  Lots of twitter-chitter and other noises.  Fun to watch.

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