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Thursday, August 02, 2018

You just knew it was projection

When that puffed-up sack of egomaniacal dick drippings, Jim Acosta, starts warning that when people express their opinions people "might get hurt".  Well, only when you deal with the lunatics that are today's Democrat National Socialist Worker's Party of America.

According to the police report, the honking continued as he drove to the next red light, where the motorist started yelling at him. 
At this point, the man thought something might be wrong with the back of his car, so he stepped out to have a look at it. That's when the woman started shouting something about his Trump bumper sticker, he told the police. “She said, ‘You voted for Trump?’” the man wrote in a statement. “I said yes." He told CBS Boston that she then called him "a racist and a bunch of cuss words." 
The man reportedly began recording the woman on his phone while he was outside of his car. The woman proceeded to drive around his car, prompting him to hurry back into the driver's seat, according to the police report. She then allegedly drove toward his car, clipping the open door. 
“She bent my door and I had to lean back to avoid getting hit,” the man wrote. “She also hit the side of my car.”
The Proggie then drove off.  Luckily, the man had it all on film, to include the license of the Proggie's car.

But this is just another reminder, that the Left is a violent, mentally deranged group of hive-minded people.

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