Day by Day

Sunday, August 19, 2018

What the blankity-blank?

Some NFL teams are putting male dancers on their dance teams?

Oh yeah, that's just what people want to see - some twiggy fem soy-boy twerking his mangina while his foundation drips off his face into his carefully manicured three-day beard.

Not just no but fuck no with cheese.  As if I needed any other reason to not watch the NFL, that there is the gay sprinkles on top of a shit sandwich.


jon spencer said...

The Green Bay Packers have had males on the cheerleading squads for many years now.
Although they use college cheer squads that have males in the squads to do the cheerleading.
Although they are not officially Packer cheerleaders, they are on Lambeau field doing cheers for the Packers.
And some thirty years ago when the Packers had a official cheerleaders, one of the members was Todd Vanden Heuvel Packers Cheerleader ’82-83 one of the few male cheerleaders in the NFL.

So, this "its never been done before" is more bovine excrement from the media.

Ragin' Dave said...

Male cheerleaders have their place, especially if you're doing lots of throwing and tumbling. But these are not cheerleaders. These are dancers out there twerking with the girls.

I saw a photo of it. It's gayer than cum on a mustache.