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Tuesday, August 07, 2018

The Left's all out assault on Free Speech

I don't watch Alex Jones or Infowars.  I don't particularly like Alex Jones.  But the Left's attempts to repress and stifle free speech have made me support Alex Jones.

In a move presaged by weeks of mounting pressure,  AppleFacebookGoogle's YouTube and Spotify cracked down on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his Infowars media empire, removing wide swathes of content or terminating his accounts entirely. All the actions seemed to happen within 24 hours. 

I notice that Antifa, who routinely beats people until they are bloody, still has accounts on various platforms.  Radical Islamists calling for jihad still have various accounts on multiple platforms.  But one guy saying that the chemicals in the water are turning frogs gay?  Yeah, he's beyond the pale, let's cut him off.

And of course, right on cue, the National Socialist Democrat Worker's Party is cheering the suppression of free speech.

Yeah.  The National Socialist Democrat Worker's Party has a long history of suppressing speech they don't like.  The KKK was invented by the Left to ensure that those uppity negros didn't get any fancy ideas about voting, or...  living together in harmony.

Speaking of how the National Socialist Democrat Worker's Party treats black folks these days, well....

You're either a voter slave on the Democrat plantation, or you're assaulted in public.  And the Left approves of this.

By the way, BitChute, which just happens to be YouTube's main competition, hasn't removed anything.  I look forward to the day when I can tell YouTube to piss off and let it die.

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