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Saturday, August 25, 2018

John McCain is dead

In honor of my mother's words of wisdom lo these many decades ago, I will say nothing.

Wait, I'll say this - he went through hell at the hands of the commies in Viet Nam for his country.


Anonymous said...

..and how quickly he forgot, becoming the backstabbing SOB Rino that he was when he died. IF he'd displayed even merely a sense of fair play, he could have said it was just business; he went the way of the Trump Derangement Syndrome people, and made it his last job to oppose our President illogically, without consideration of anything other than the delusion that HE felt the President was to be opposed at all cost. So now he is dead, and Arizona is, at least temporarily, a better place.

Drumwaster said...

But McCain has not actually been in the Senate building since last December. By holding that seat (rather than resigning), and with Flake the Fake running around trying to spin up his own Presidential dreams (he has spent more time in NH and Iowa than in Arizona since announcing his retirement from office), Arizona has effectively been without any representation in the Senate since McCain made his "I'm gonna die" announcement.

Plus the fact that McCain was pushing to have his widow appointed as his successor. Because THAT always works so well, but I would expect her to follow through with his Democrat tendencies, so much so that I would expect her to pull the Jeffords routine (be elected as a Republican, then "have a change of heart" and become an Independent that caucused with the Dems).

Drumwaster said...

Oh, I forgot to add the recording of McCain's "Tokyo Rose" speech --

THAT is the "hero" so many on the Left are praising.

Ragin' Dave said...

I was kinda going with the "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" mode of operation for right now. But, y'all ain't wrong.