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Saturday, August 04, 2018

Harping on a theme I've harped on before

Why a trade war is not a bad thing.

Why is this chart important? 
It is a death sentence for America. 
Although it is a single series of data, the chart is essentially in two parts, split in the year 2000.  There is no manipulation to achieve this effect.  This is how the data lay out, which is why this chart is so significant.

All the people howling about how Trump is killing free trade completely skip over the fact that we have not had free trade with other countries for some time.  Damn near all the countries we have major trade agreements with levy tariffs on us that take the entire concept of free trade and toss it into the dumpster.  That's if they're not undercutting our prices and taking manufacturing jobs from us, which not only removes jobs from us but forces us to spend money that goes to countries that just took our jobs.

Trump gets this.  His critics either do not understand this, or they're so in lockstep with the Globalists that they don't really care.

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