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Saturday, July 07, 2018

Well, that's one option

Ace talks about how the panicky bitches of the establishment Right continue to swallow everything the progressive Left throws at them.

At some point, it has to be recognized that no one, no matter how stupid, can be "tricked" by the same trick every single fucking day. 
At some point, it has to be recognized that these people are not being "Tricked" at all, but are knowing collaborators with the progressive political operations machine. 
These people have endless suspicion and contempt for conservatives, and yet endless latitude and trust and sympathy for their dear progressive friends in the leftist media. 
That tells you where they are politcally. It doesn't matter what someone claims their policy preferences are.

And yes, that's one option.  The other option, which I might not have believed until a couple of years ago, is that they are just that stupid.  So stupid, ignorant and incompetent that they are the Wile E. Coyote of the political establishment.

Or maybe they're just evil, backstabbing traitors.  Yeah, maybe we should go with that.

I made a decision to stop even looking at the timelines of the Panicky Horses -- panicky because they were always willing to believe the worst of their fellow Republicans, and so believe (naturally) every slur their leftist friends hurl, or panicky because they are anti-Republican operatives themselves, and are deliberately trying to panic the conservative herds -- because I got sick of being panicked every morning by their bullshit. 
I immediately began feeling better -- and lost nothing in terms of Real news.

Yeah, they're just evil.  Go read it all.

ADDING ON:  Backstabbing shitpiles on America's doorstep light themselves on fire.

What is it with these guys, Boot and Will and their ilk? Their revulsion to Trump is so great that they have joined forces with people they have worked against their entire lives—Democrats, liberals, and particularly the left, which, if Boot has been paying any attention lately, has taken over the Democratic Party.

As Instapundit was fond of saying years ago:  They're not anti-war.  They're just on the other side

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