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Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Well of course he does

Director defends using children for sex scene on Netflix.  You can read the entire article, but it's pretty clear that the director wanted two pre-teen girls to have some sort of sexual moment, so that's what he put in the film.  A nine-year-old girl, masturbating.

And do not for a moment think that this director, and probably his pals, didn't all go home to screen that particular moment in the movie, with a bottle of lube in hand.  Of course they did.  That was the point of making that scene.  In a movie about sex, basically this guy's pornographic dreams put to film, he included a NINE YEAR OLD GIRL.

This is Hollywood.  They've been doing it for decades.  They aren't going to change until they die.  So let them die.  Stop supporting the perverts.

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