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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Things the GOP actually seem to be doing

Credit where credit is due.

Senate Republicans broke a record on Wednesday for the number of appeals court judges confirmed during a president's first two years.  
Senators voted 50-49 on Andrew Oldham's nomination to be a judge on the 5th Circuit, making him Trump's 23rd circuit court judge confirmed since he took office last year.  
But Democrats are essentially powerless to stop Trump's judicial picks unless they can win GOP support.

In 2013, Senate Democrats, led by then-Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), nixed the 60-vote filibuster for district and circuit court nominations. Republicans, in turn, nixed the same hurdle for Supreme Court nominations last year. 

Out-fucking-standing.  It's about time the Left pays for shitting all over established rules.  Although I still have a suspicion that the big reason for this push is the GOP leadership looking at the simmering rage of their base and finally realizing that they are thisclose to losing everything.  See my previous post about preferring a rodeo clown to 99% of what the GOP offers up as "leadership".  Being a rodeo clown takes hard work, dedication, giant brass balls, and the ability to correctly identify which end of the bull the bullshit comes out of.

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