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Saturday, July 28, 2018

The Toad of Tor croaks again

So apparently there's another WorldCon coming up.  I haven't given a shit, because the crew in charge of said Con, who are also in charge of handing out Hugo awards, have proven that they only care about politics, and not about story-telling.  But Teresa Nielsen-Hayden, the Toad of Tor, cannot handle any dissent from her ideology whatsoever.  And so Teresa Nielsen-Hayden has gone out of her way to attack, defame, slander and de-platform one author who refuses to kiss her grotesque ring, Jon del Arroz.

I mentioned the other day how Tor employee and the EIC’s wife Teresa Neilsen Hayden started harassing me on Twitter by making a passive aggressive snide remark on my character and telling her following I’m not really a #1 Amazon Bestseller (I am). I naturally sent her a screen shot back to prove the fact, but it didn’t matter. This was the first time she had interacted with me ever, and it was an attack from her position at Tor with the obvious attempt of trolling an independent author:

As usual with this passive-agressive fascist, Teresa Nielsen-Hayden cannot control her impulses to shit everywhere she thinks she can.  Much as she and her eunuch of a husband have made the Hugo awards worthless (along with most of the SJWs under their control), under her stewardship Tor books has been flailing, hitching their ship to an anchor of a mid-rate author that might end up dragging them under.  And rather than focus on getting authors who can actually tell a good story to publish with Tor, Teresa Nielson-Hayden spends her time attacking an independently published author who's only crime was....  being a #1 selling writer.

Oh, and the kinda-sorta-funny part about this is that Teresa Nielson-Hayden, who professes to be so tolerant and open-minded, is spending her time attacking a Hispanic Sci-Fi author.  So much for all that tolerance, eh?  It seems like the only thing that Teresa Nielson-Hayden will accept is unconditional surrender to her ideology.

Nothing scares these people more than a minority going off the reservation and speaking out against the inherent bigotry the SJWs have. They work so hard to hide it by relentlessly talking about how they’re “protecting” us and “helping marginalized” authors. When the truth is, their bigotry runs so deep that they almost always are patronizing us as if we are unable to handle ourselves. 
It’s a big reason I’ve come under immense fire out the gate, and why it continues to escalate, even though I’m minding my own business and just producing at an incredible rate, and wildly succeeding in selling those products. Maybe that’s what’s got them running so scared.

Teresa Nielson-Hayden is a disgusting bigot, a mentally deficient troll, a grotesque mockery of a human being, as proven by her complete and total inability to conduct herself with anything resembling human decency.  Tor Books should be embarrassed for having any kind of a relationship with her, as she uses her position at Tor Books to launch her attacks.  And every time Teresa Nielson-Hayden opens her mouth and croaks out yet another attack towards people who just want to write books and live their lives, it confirms that the Sad Puppies were correct in their assessment of both the major publishing companies and WorldCon.

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