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Monday, July 09, 2018

My new name for that Socialist wackjob out of NYC

Is "Gulag Barbie".

Socialism is about taking your stuff and your freedom and killing you if you complain. They try to pass it off as just Liberalism 2.0, but then you usually don’t call something by a name unless you mean it. If they don’t mean “socialism,” why do they call themselves “socialists?”

This ignorant little girl, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, went from hopeful capitalist to hard-core socialist in just a couple of years.  Amazingly in that time, she went from rather good-looking woman to pinch-faced Marxist shrew, and I agree that it wasn't all on her own.  This girl is the lighter-skinned, female Obama, without having her entire background locked away. 

Someone with deep knowledge of what expensive make-up can do to remake a human visage into something very different from the au naturel version went to work on her.  In tandem with her transformation from nerd to a female Che Guevara, she morphed from capitalist to membership in a party that wants to “abolish profit.” 
Ever since an iconic photograph of Che Guevara was enough to cover-up and glamorize a murderous thug who made a point of watching his opponents executed by firing squad, the puppet masters of the radical left have understood the value of a dramatic and glamorous picture in brainwashing young skulls full of mush. 
I don’t know who got ahold of young Ms. Ocasio Cortez and paid for the makeover, but it was someone who understands the manipulation of the “masses” (as they describe their targeted dupes) very well.

She's going to be dangerous, because she's not in control.  Someone else is.  Someone else is spending a great deal of time and money to make sure she wins her election, and I'm willing to bet they won't stop with the Bronx.

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