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Monday, July 09, 2018

It must be the feminists again

Nobody threatens the life of a woman like the Left.  To wit - an Idaho State Representative shared a post on facebook, made a rather wry comment, and unleashed a torrent of hatred from the Left, the likes of which have not been seen since, oh, about five minutes after the last torrent of hatred from the Left.

Although Rep. Giddings didn't go into detail about her 30mm shell on her Facebook post, people could have taken the time to ask her what was so special about the casing and why she wanted to show it to these young women. 
The people who sent Giddings threatening emails, Facebook posts and even voicemails are rather ironic. These are people who are in favor of gun control...yet they wish she was killed...with a gun. All because they didn't read her words closely and see she was talking about an empty shell casing.  
Empty. Shell. Casing.  
Isn't this supposed to be the tolerant Left, the ones who are all about standing together, holding hands and singing kumbaya? 
This is why I never believe the Left when they claim to be for women.  Because look at what they're doing TO A WOMAN.  I think it's awesome she's releasing some of the voicemails she received.  I'd love to have her release the phone numbers, if possible.  I wonder how these people would feel about some friendly folks from Idaho calling them back.

Oh, and that example came from this list of what is currently 218 acts of Leftist-media-approved violence against Normal Americans.

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