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Friday, July 06, 2018

Flaming Turd Blossom of San Antonio arrested.

Good.  New rules, bitches.  We punch back twice as hard.

This evening detectives assigned to the Robbery Task Force were able to locate the suspect in the “Whataburger” incident. 
Warrant #1653732<tel:1653732> was issued for the suspect Kino Jimenez 30 years (Sid# 905396). The aforementioned warrant is for Theft of Person. 
Kino Jimenez was located in Universal City, Texas. Universal City police officers took Mr Jimenez into custody without incident.

I was actually kinda hoping that Kino Jimenez would "resist", and get his ass beaten like a conga drum.  But alas, he went peacefully.  It's amazing how compliant that little fucknozzle is when he facing grown men, and not a couple of 16 year old kids. Hopefully this fetid sack of cunt drippings known as Kino Jimenez will be unemployable for years thanks to his stupidity. 

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