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Saturday, July 07, 2018

A Government of Gangsters and Thugs

DACA should be gone.  The executive order, designed to get around having actual LAWS in regards to the illegal alien children brought over by illegal alien parents, has expired.  There is no legislation that allows for DACA to continue.

And yet, it continues.

After determining that the Obama administration exceeded its legal authority in creating the program, Trump in September ordered it be shut down. But he instructed USCIS to accept applications for renewals for six months in order to give Congress a chance to codify the program into law. 
A pair of federal judges intervened, however, and ordered the administration to continue processing renewals past Trump’s deadline. And a third jurist, U.S. District Judge John Bates, went further and ordered the administration in April to resume taking new applications.
So, what it is called when unaccountable men ignore the law and enforce their own personal vision of what they want on society?

Yeah.  We are long past that whole "consent of the governed" thing, aren't we?  That's gone.  That's so far gone that these people can ignore the law, ignore all legislation, and just do whatever the fuck it is they want to do and everybody just dances to their tune.  While the rest of us get shit on by an ever-growing, ever-imperial, corrupt, fascist government.  While politically connected people commit blatant FELONIES and don't suffer one bit of actual legal consequences.

We are governed by gangsters, thugs and criminals. 

Thanks to Linda Fox over at Mr. Porretto's place for the raised blood pressure.

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