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Friday, June 22, 2018

The DNC media lies

It lies all the time.  It always lies.  It never stops lying.

TIME calls its cover “a reckoning after Trump’s border separation policy.” However, The Daily Mail tracked down the father of the little girl and says that she was never separated from her mother.

"Trump's Border Separation policy"  That was signed into law by Slick Willy Clinton.  That was used by Bush Jr. and Obama.  But it's Trump's policy?

The DNC Media lies.  They always lie.  They never stop lying.

However, the allegations in this article covered a time period prior to Trump ever taking office. The specific court case cited involves alleged incidents occurring before and during 2016, when Trump was still on the campaign trail and we had a different president. 
That president, Barack Obama, was mentioned exactly zero times in the article.

They will never stop lying, because their entire identity is tied up in guarding the Democrat party.

As if being a regular contributor to the Morning Joe weekday program isn’t proof enough that John Heilemann is a liberal Democrat, the MSNBC analyst did his best to leave no doubt where he stands politically during an interview on Wednesday. 
After slamming President Trump’s executive order to prevent children from being taken away from families after illegally crossing the Mexican border into the U.S., the national affairs analyst stated: “We have a great chance” to inflict “a political price” on “him and his party” during the mid-term elections in November.

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