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Thursday, June 07, 2018

Social Security nose-diving into free-fall

Medicare sucking the hind-tit as well.  Look, this shouldn't shock anyone.  Both Medicare and Social Security were a way for the government to buy votes by robbing Peter to pay Paul, and as usual, whenever there are billions of dollars being stolen from one group, there will be the various human remoras hanging around to get a piece of the action.  Pretty soon, those remoras are getting a bigger and bigger piece of that action.

Not to mention that the whole S.S. "trust fund" is a load of crap - they've been paying benefits out of current year tax revenues ever since I can remember, and blowing any left-over cash on their social programs and other vote-buying legislation.  I'd say that money has run out, but the truth it is ran out decades ago.  They've just been borrowing and printing money ever since then.

If I could, I would destroy Social Security.  It's been nothing but a drain on my finances, and the finances of everyone my age.  It has taken 15% of my economic potential and tossed it down the shitter ever since I started working.  Imagine if I had been able to put that money into an IRA, or a mutual fund.  I'd be rich.  I'd be a damn millionaire.  Hell, even if I had just stuffed it into a savings account I'd be better off than I am now.

Social Security is nothing but a government mandated Ponzi scheme.  Bernie Madoff couldn't conceive of a swindle as big as Social Security.  Let it die.

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p2 said...

i'm afraid to do that math.... i've been pumpin hard earned purchasing units into the system since 1976. and now that i've actually been making enough to put a fair percentage away right off the top, the US ( unbelievably stupid) guvamint decided it was a great idea to PENALIZE me for saving too much. there is a very fine line between saving enough to make a difference and putting just that little bit extra in that costs you 15% because you worked a couple extra hours of overtime that one week. the hell with financial devices, i'm investing in lead & brass.....