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Monday, June 18, 2018

So there's a big hue and cry about "separating families" of illegal aliens

1 - If the families didn't come here illegally, nothing would happen to them.

2 - How many of these "families" are actually families?  How many are lying through their teeth so that they can gain access to our country?

3 - How many of them are mules for the Mexican drug cartels?

4 - How many of them are human smugglers?  Young kids are still a commodity to the pedo set, as seen in last week's bust of kiddy-diddlers.  And the Mexican cartels want money, which they can gain through using girls and women as prostitutes.  That would be girls and women they promised a better life in America, only to take them and force them into brothels once they had them in their possession.

5 - How many more American children will be separated from their families by illegal aliens through crime and murder?  How many dead American kids does it take before the Left considers the cost too high?  (That's a trick question.  The Left hates America, so there can never be enough dead American kids for their taste.)

You want a solution that won't separate illegal alien kids from their illegal alien families?  Deport them all back at once.  Families stay together!  Problem solved!

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