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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Humanity really hasn't changed

Filthy, stinking hippies of the 60's and 70's could be transported to the current day, and other than bell bottoms, you couldn't tell them apart from the stupid, dirty, filthy hippies of today.  As proof, I give you exhibit A, who spent a nice afternoon at the ballpark, shouting obscenities in front of small children.

Ben Faulding of North Baldwin, NY, looks like he was transported from forty years in the past, complete with unkempt hair, scraggly untrimmed beard, and mental illnesses that cause him to hurl expletives in front of small kids at what is supposed to be a nice evening out.

The baseball game that McInnes and Faulding were at was between the Brooklyn Cyclones and the Boston Lowell Spinners. Both of these teams are affiliates of their Major League equivalents, and their games are generally intended for a younger audiences. Children run the bases after the game and the Brooklyn Cyclones were even sponsored by the toddler cartoon Paw Patrol. 
Despite the young audience, Faulding couldn’t help himself and felt it appropriate to scream obscenities in front of seas of children.

I wanted to check out this hippy douchebag's twitter account, but apparently after bragging about hurling foul language in front of children on twitter, he's deleted his account.  His stupidity became painful.  He might actually learn something.

Nah, he's a stupid hippy.  He won't learn shit.

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