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Tuesday, May 01, 2018

A refreshing, honest take on Evan McMullin

You know, the guy that the TrueCons pulled out in an attempt to stop Donald Trump from winning the election?

Of course, quite rapidly it became clear that the chances of McMullin actually becoming president were someplace between zero and hahahahahahahaha . . . wait, what? But becoming president was no longer the point. It was all about sinking Trump, to prove to those awful populists who had dared to think for themselves, and not the way Bill Kristol and Bill Kristol’s donors wanted them to think, that they were servants, and could never live in the Big House as equals.
It appears that McMullin (I refuse to use the oft-repeated insult of calling him McMuffin, because I have far more respect for McDonald's breakfast sandwiches than I do this Fredocon NeverTrumper) has gotten himself into a bit of a bind thanks to his campaign to stop Donald Trump.  Read the whole thing.  And enjoy!

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