Day by Day

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

There really are two Americas

One, the (formerly) United States of America, where average people are more and more imposed upon by the State,

and the Socialist Oligarchy of America, where if you're politically connected you can do whatever you want, such as illegally launder millions of dollars and collude with the government to fix an election.  I guarantee you that Hillary Clinton won't see one single day of jail time for her crimes.  Her multiple felonies that any other person would already be in jail for committing.

This is why America is coming apart at the seams.  Either everybody is equal under the law, or the whole game is a fraud.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, on Shrill I fear you are right. The bitch should be pushing up daisies for all the evil she has done but, her comeuppance will come when she is in the shit pools of hell and wondering where she went wrong!

I am optimistic that Trump and his allies "may" get some of the semblance of the United States of America back on the rails and running strong. We have lost so much of our freedom to ninnies and other commie rat bastids that I long for Reagan and - yes even JFK. He was no angel and could not keep his dick in his pants but, he at least got it and it cost him his life.


Deserttrek said...


Its been this way for a long time. Politics has always been crooked from top to bottom, Mr Smith Goes To Washington pointed that out in the 30's. Hell, any organization with more than 10 people is going to have politics and corruption.
Rick guy walks , poor guy does time
The difference now is the internet. people can see it and read about it and the walter cronkite assembled lies no longer rule the day.
The dems smell blood, but it is their own, look at the rappers going after each other over free thought.
Please stay strong, we need the military to stand strong, it may be the last line.