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Tuesday, March 06, 2018

When the Miami Herald is piling on Sheriff Israel....

You know it's gotta be bad.

Israel said that Peterson should have charged inside, confronted the gunman and killed him. Tough talk for the cameras, but several other deputies apparently did not go into the building, either. 
Peterson resigned and, speaking through his lawyer last week, defended his actions. He said that he was not a coward and that he thought the shots were coming from outside. 
Last week, the Herald obtained documents that show a BSO captain ordered deputies to form a perimeter, possibly after the shooting was over, and not telling them to rush into the building. This contradicts what Israel said was the protocol. 
No, what the videos would reveal are not “security plans,” as the sheriff claims. Rather they will reveal that there was probably confusion over the plan, or flawed communication of said plan. 
It’s obvious that, whatever the plan, it was hopelessly bungled that awful afternoon of Feb. 14. What in the world could the release of the video recordings possibly compromise now?

Scott Israel is a politically correct buffoon, not an actual, honest-to-god Sheriff, and his actions prove that out.  The longer the focus stays on the Parkland shooting, the more information comes out that makes every single level of government look bad.  Right now this douche-canoe is probably wishing he'd never pushed those kids into the lime-light and gave them their DNC talking points, because the more those twerps run around insulting gun owners, the longer people look at the Parkland shooting and wonder why, if the government failed at every level, they should give up their guns for the "protection" provided by this buffoon and the flaming jack-asses at the FBI.

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