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Friday, February 23, 2018

The plot sickens

So, regarding the school shooting in Parkland, Florida:

The FBI was tipped off about this kid twice, and did nothing.

Local law enforcement agencies had been called to this guy's house 39 times, and did nothing.

And now we're finding out that a Broward County Sheriff's Deputy was actually on site at the time of the shooting, and did nothing.

But they want to blame the NRA.

They want to blame an inanimate object.

I think we all know why.

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel should resign immediately, not only for this screw up but for the fact that he KNEW his own deputies had fucked up and he went out on a CNN stage and pushed their bullshit narrative.  It's no wonder the Lefties tried a full court press for gun control the moment the bodies had stopped twitching.  Every day that passes comes more news about people who did not do what they were supposed to do, and these are the people the Left says should be in charge of situations just like this!

CNN pulled a two-minute hate on Dana Loesch for daring to say that private citizens are the only ones who can protect ourselves, and as it turns out, she is 100% correct.  Because the guy who was actually paid to protect those students in the case of an active shooter did NOTHING while kids were getting shot.

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