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Saturday, February 10, 2018

The fun and joys of moving around a lot

There'a always something wrong with a house that you rent.  Even the nicest house has it's issues, because houses age, and age brings issues along with it.  This is quite possibly the nicest house that we've ever rented in terms of its condition.  The owner renovated it as if they were going to live in it, not rent it out.  So on that score, I really can't complain.  But the heating unit apparently hadn't been maintained for some time.  I honestly think it just slipped the landlord's mind, because if you're constantly renting the house out during the summer in Mississippi, heat is the last thing you worry about.

But it started acting up two weeks ago, and we called an HVAC guy, and they came out to check it, and...  well...  apparently, they've never seen all three tubes on the transfer unit all cracked at the same time.  Luckily the part is under warranty, and they're working to get a new one installed, but the shut the heater down two weeks ago.  Oh, and that just happened to be in the middle of one of the colder winters this place has seen in years.  The locals are all running around bundled like eskimos and asking where their friend the sun went.  Apparently it should be in the 60-70 degree range right now, instead of 45 and raining.  The Mrs. is not so happy at this moment.

We've been heating the house with a little propane unit that's safe to use indoors, plus a couple of electric heaters we use at night.  I just can't wait to see my electric bill.

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jon spencer said...

A 1500 watt electric space heater costs about 25 cents per hour.
Lots of hours in a month. And if you have two running the dollars add up in a hurry.

Here is a good site for electrical cost estimates.