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Sunday, February 11, 2018

See if you can spot the problem

Web-hopping around today.  Went to The Declination, to this post.  Saw this photo:

Now that's a historical photo, of people protesting the Apollo Space Program because they want the money to go to them.  Specifically, to their food.

Take a look at the woman.  She's so damn fat she cannot put her arms completely down at her sides.  You can see the blubber around the bicep, which looks more like jello shoved into a sock rather than an arm.

Hey lady!  Maybe put your fork down and FEED YOUR KID INSTEAD OF YOURSELF.

Now I know this photo is decades old, and yon behemoth is most likely dead of some coronary disease that you get from eating grease like it's going out of style.  But the sentiment, and the behavior displayed in this photo, is alive and well today.  One only needs to hang out at the local welfare office to see this.

Blah.  Off to work.

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