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Sunday, February 18, 2018


The Left is furiously masturbating to the new Black Panther movie, because diversity and screw you racists.  The Z Man points out a few logical conclusions: 

The underlying argument from our rulers is that Africa is a mess, because of racism. The book Why Nations Fail is the model for this argument. Whites destroyed the native African institutions and left behind extractive ones. That’s why Africa is a mess. The reality is sub-Saharan Africans have an average IQ in the low-80’s. Eritrea is the “smartest” country with an average IQ of 85. What that means is most Africans are borderline to mildly retarded. The reason Africa is not and never will be Wakanda is it is full of Africans. 
Now, you cannot fault blacks for celebrating this fictionalized black homeland where they are at the top of the heap. The promotion of this fantasy, however, makes the essential point of the Dissident Right. Humans naturally want to reign supreme in their own domains, surrounded by people that are like them. Wakanda would not resonate with black people if the ruler was a guy named Muary Greenblatt and his minions were all East Asians or Mexicans. Like everyone, blacks dream of a world without diversity. 
The over the top promotion of this black supremacist movie makes all the main cultural arguments you hear on the Dissident Right. If it is OK for blacks to dream of their own homeland, why can’t whites do the same? If blacks would be better off without whites around, doesn’t the same hold true for whites? If the natural order is for the races to be separate, then why in the hell is diversity a good thing? If you were hoping whites would become racially aware, the movie Black Panther is manna from heaven,
By separating people into groups, the Left has essentially created what it said existed all along:  A group that identifies itself as "White".  If blacks are going to vote against Whitey, and hispanics are going to vote against Whitey, all because of the color of Whitey's skin, then Whitey is going to find himself voting against blacks and hispanics just to be able to exist.  It's like like the political version of the Tragedy of the Commons.

So what does the future hold? Well, the fantasists will say “race war.” That’s bullshit, of course. No, the most likely future is a “whimper rather than a bang” scenario. And to make my point, I’ll once again invoke Native Americans. Right now, about a quarter of all American Indians live in squalor and dependency on reservations. The rest are spread out across the country, making a living, contributing to society. Individual Native Americans are fine, but “the community” is shit. I think that’s what we’re going to see happen with blacks. As the black community continues to decay, and as it continues to get squeezed by whites, Asians, and the stupefyingly fertile Hispanics, we’ll see a kind of urban “reservation” network take shape. Blacks with skills and a desire to be seen as something other than fart receptacles will leave the community and mix with everyone else. The remaining detritus? They’ll be increasingly boxed into urban hellholes. Reservations, essentially. Places with lots of welfare, lots of crime, and little hope. Places that cannot be helped, places that cannot be saved. 
The notion that a segment of the black community might be unsalvageable is heresy to egalitarian leftists, conservative Christians (who hold fast to ideas of redemption and salvation), and establishment neocons (because “land of opportunity, early to bed, hugs not drugs, we all bleed red”). But as millions of black Americans go to the movies this week to escape reality, the rest of us might do well to contemplate the reality they’re escaping.
Even in the small town I live in, there are parts of said town that a person of light-colored skin does not trespass.  Folks have essentially self-segregated themselves into enclaves.  I've seen exactly what David Cole describes; individual blacks are working, living, etc, but the black community is going to absolute shit.  I had to stop by the police department last month on a business matter, and every single photo of wanted criminals that was hanging up in the PD were black faces.  When you hear about gunshot victims, you don't hear about John Smith getting capped, it's Devonta'e, or Drayzell, or some other various ebonics spelling of some name that didn't exist until the 1980s or so.  But the guy who delivers propane around our neighborhood, who just happens to be black?  Justin.  I don't think he's going to be involved in a gang shooting any time soon.

No, I don't have any answers.  I'm just observing and stating what the Left doesn't want anyone to observe or say.

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