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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Leftists being leftists

This does not shock me one bit.  Leftists always use the state to bully, intimidate and punish their enemies.

It was a prolonged mystery that struck Wisconsin education reformers as more akin to a Kafka novel than American due process: Who was behind cryptic demand letters sent under the aegis of the Obama Justice Department, intimating without specific evidence that Milwaukee’s school-choice program was illegally discriminating against disabled kids? 
Now, after a six-year bureaucratic and legal tangle in which school voucher advocates said they were stonewalled by Washington, the mystery has been solved. And the answer, they say, is alarming: The federal operation was sparked and practically run behind the scenes by liberal opponents of the program.

This is why Leftists need to be driven out of power.  Because all leftists are tyrants at heart, and they'll use the government as a weapon every chance they get.

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