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Thursday, February 08, 2018

A rather mild statement

We now have a side-by-side comparison of two FBI-redacted versions of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s criminal referral of Christopher Steele for lying to the FBI. After releasing a heavy-redacted memo on Monday, committee chairman  Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) put out  anupdated version late Tuesday after the FBI removed several of its earlier redactions. It offers a glimpse into what the Bureau initially considered to be classified information, and seems to justify what Grassley called his “loss of faith in the ability of the Justice Department and the FBI to do their job free of partisan, political bias.” 

"Free of partisan, political bias".  At this point, every FBI paper-shuffler in D.C. should be assumed to be working directly for the DNC as well as their FBI gig.  I have seen no evidence to the contrary, and every other rock we turn over features yet another FBI cockroach scuttling away into the DNC machine.  To hell with not trusting the leadership; I DON'T TRUST THE FBI.  I do not trust the leadership, nor the middle management, and that means I cannot trust the boots on the ground who take their orders from the top.

There must be a purge, otherwise nobody in their right mind will ever trust the FBI again.

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