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Monday, March 19, 2018

Hillary Clinton - the gift that keeps on giving. Like Herpes.

So once again Hillary Clinton's hatred for Normal Americans was broadcast on TV.

During a recent trip to India, Clinton told attendees at a conference in Mumbai that Americans did not "deserve" a Trump presidency, said she won the states "that are optimistic, diverse, dynamic, moving forward," and said that Trump's campaign was "looking backwards." 
Clinton summed up Trump's message as "you know, you didn't like black people getting rights, you don't like women, you know, getting jobs. You don't want, you know, to see that Indian American succeeding more than you are."

Personally, I hope she keeps her "I hate America and normal Americans" tour going for another couple of years.  I want folks to have the reason Trump won the election front and center for as long as possible.  The Clintons ARE the Democrat Party, and have been ever since 1992.  They are some of the most corrupt, power-hungry, greedy, sleazy, evil people this country has ever seen, and the Democrats protected them against all the consequences of their actions, until they couldn't anymore.  So now the dowager Empress of Chappaqua is running around explaining to the world that the people who elected Donald Trump are the worst things ever, and it's all caught on video. 

All you have to do is listen to these people, and they'll tell you exactly what they think of you.  And make no mistake, their opinions are shared by millions of ProgNazis on both coasts, who hate you just as much or MORE than Hillary Clinton does.

The Blue Checkmark Brigade bravely sallies forth!

And promptly wets their knickers.

Much as the thought of why they allow homeless bums to publicly shit on their streets confuses us, the thought of citizens having the right to defend themselves, or hell, to buy as many damn guns as they want, confuses the living shit out of liberal snowflakes. 

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Time to shred my REI card

Fuck the fucking fuckers.

Last week a retailer of outdoor equipment, REI, suspended all purchases of Vista Outdoors goods. Vista is the parent company for many brands you might normally see in outdoor stores including Camp ChefGiroBellCamelbak and Blackburn. Vista is also well-known in the shooting sports industry for brands such as Federal Premium Ammunition and Savage Arms. 
“REI does not sell guns. We believe that it is the job of companies that manufacture and sell guns and ammunition to work towards common sense solutions that prevent the type of violence that happened in Florida last month.” (read REI’s full statement) The apparent underlying logic is that Vista Outdoors should be policing customers and fighting crime should be part of gear maker’s business model.
Let's look at the numbers, Bob!

Since 1976 REI has donated $77 million to conservation. Last year they donated $9.3 million to the outdoors. Those may sound like big numbers until held up against annual sales of $2.56 billion. This means that REI donated just one-third of 1% of sales to support the wild places from which it garners mountains of money. 
In 2017 alone Vista Outdoors’ brands generated $87 million for the Federal Aid and Wildlife Restoration Act—more money in a single year than REI donated in 42 years. Hunters and target shooters are paying a premium on products in support of the outdoors. REI is profiting from shooting sports’ investment, then pointing a scolding finger with the hand opposite the one clutching cash.
REI can now kiss my hairy ass.  The place is full of pretentious assholes to begin with - the only reason I shopped there was because they had the shoes I wore for running.  But I can find those shoes elsewhere at this point, and the other camping gear can be found anywhere else as well.  Piss on REI.

Pardon me, just passing through.

Hopefully I'll be sleeping in my own bed tonight.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Andrew McCabe is fired

Good.  Fucking good.  Cashier his corrupt ass.  I'm glad it's public.  I'm glad he's not getting his full pension, and I hope he doesn't get a damn cent.  I'm glad that there are now people in Washington D.C. shitting themselves at the realization they don't have overhead cover for their corruption any more.

Because once these fucking anti-American shitweasels get fired, they won't be able to pull shit like this

The text messages about Contreras between controversial Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) lawyer Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, the senior FBI counterintelligence official who was kicked off Robert Mueller’s special counsel team, were deliberately hidden from Congress, multiple congressional investigators told The Federalist. In the messages, Page and Strzok, who are rumored to have been engaged in an illicit romantic affair, discussed Strzok’s personal friendship with Contreras and how to leverage that relationship in ongoing counterintelligence matters.

So - Democrat operative in FBI, who's committing adultery with another FBI agent, is best buds with a judge who signs warrants for wiretapping Trump's office and who spent a year hounding a retired Army General until he finally plead guilty to....  what amounted to a procedural violation.  A plea that just so happened to be accepted by the Dem operative's judge buddy.

That entire place is rotten to the core.

Darius Rucker sang it. They wrote it

Old Crow Medicine Show.  I used to play with a guy in Virginia who swore by this band.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Look over there! Because I'm not here!

This was the first Blues Traveler song I ever heard.

That lead to me buying up just about every album they put out.  Most of the Grammy winners in the past decade or two aren't fit to sniff Blues Traveler's jockstrap.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Holy hell, what the **** is wrong with England?

Child grooming and rape going on for FOUR DECADES?  While the Police KNEW ABOUT IT?  AND DID NOTHING!

Oh, and in England, "asian" means Pakistani.  In other words, MUSLIM.

Lucy Lowe, 16, was killed in 2000 along with her mother and sister after her 26-year-old abuser Azhar Ali Mehmood set fire to their house.

Told ya.

Despite similar high-profile cases in Rochdale and Rotherham, authorities in Telford ­repeatedly failed to stamp out a network of abusers.
The Mirror’s 18-month investigation reveals abuse on unprecedented levels. We found:
  • Social workers knew of abuse in the 1990s but police took a decade to launch a probe
  • Council staff viewed abused and trafficked children as “prostitutes” instead of victims, according to previously unseen files
  • Authorities failed to keep details of abusers from Asian communities for fear of “racism”
  • Police failed to investigate one recent case five times until an MP intervened
  • One victim said cops tried to stop her finding out why her abusers had not been prosecuted because they feared she would talk to us
The scale of the abuse uncovered in Telford – population 170,000 – is feared to be the most brutal and long-running of all.

Police identified over 200 criminal rapists, and only nine of those have been locked up.  The rest of these sub-human animals need to be taken out back, shot in the head, dumped into a mass grave, have the corpses of pigs tossed on top of their still-twitching bodies, and then buried with a bulldozer.  Place a marker on top of the grave detailing the whys and hows of their death.  "Sic Semper Daemonum Pervertit"  You can go read the rest if you have the stomach for it.  Just remember this:  This is what they do in their countries.  This is what they will do in ours.  There's no "magic dirt" that will automatically make them into fine fellow countrymen.  They will bring their culture with them, and if that culture allows slavery, honor killings, or the gang-raping and prostitution of 12 year old girls, then THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO GET.  Think about that the next time some sobbing liberal demands that we allow more third-world rapefugees into America. 

Daylight Savings Time

I hate this shit.  Spring forward, fall back, blah blah blah.  "Oh, but you get an hour more daylight!"  What a crock of shit.  I'm up before the sun comes up, and I'm in bed after the sun goes down, and it doesn't really matter what time of year it is. 

This shit just needs to end.  Permanently. 

Saturday, March 10, 2018

It's hard enough to translate a book into a movie

But if your goal is to stuff it full of as many liberal, PC, SJW messages as possible, you're just going to ruin it.  Which is why A Wrinkle In Time is A Waste Of Time.

A yellow brick backyard pathway and an otherworldly twister (neither from the book) presumably are attempts to evoke “The Wizard of Oz,” which is like slapping Ferrari decals on a 1971 Pinto. Also, forget about giving what should have been called “A Waste of Time” a pass because it might be good enough for kids. “A Wrinkle in Time” is so unconvincing, uninvolving and unlikeable that expecting even small children to enjoy it seems cruelly condescending.

The real title of this movie should have been "A SJW Message that Never Ends".

A female character known as the Happy Medium in the book is now male (Zach Galifianakis). Calvin’s abusive mother is now an abusive father. Meg’s father has been missing for four years instead of two. A character transforms into a flying green leaf-creature instead of a winged white centaur. Instead of taking place in an imposingly grim office building, an encounter with the evil “man with red eyes” (Michael Peña, known here simply as Red) takes place on a sunny, umbrella-crowded beach. 
The movie completely ignores L’Engle’s creepy description of the book’s main villain as an oversized, disembodied brain. Even the ending is altered — mild spoiler alert — by having Meg rely upon another character’s feelings toward her, instead of triumphing solely by expressing hers toward him.

I loved the book.  Shouldn't have been a shock there.  I hate seeing books turned into movies, because even the best movie can't capture everything that a book puts forth.  But I'll be passing on this disaster.  I have better things to do than be preached at by a hypocritical Hollywood hack.

Friday, March 09, 2018

Easter Ham

The Mrs. is allergic to nitrates, so we typically don't eat much ham at the Raging Casa.  Unless we make it ourself, which is a rather time consuming process.  But we figured what the hell, let's do this.  So we got a pork shoulder, rubbed it down with salt and spices, then set it in the fridge and just drained the liquid off every now and then.  Today it's going on the smoker for twelve hours or so.  Once that's been accomplished, we're going to cure it in wine for two weeks.  It's a cross between an old Italian method and a standard American method.

Bake it on Easter, and yum yum yum!

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Muslim tries to rape woman in public bathroom

This little shitheel needs to be sent back to where ever he came from.  We don't need trash from other countries.

A 32-year-old Bloomington man is facing multiple charges after he reportedly hid in a women’s bathroom at Minneapolis Community and Technical College, then crawled into a stall in an attempt to sexually assault a woman.

A "Bloomington" man.  Riiiiiiiiight.

Asad Abu Mohamed of Bloomington is charged with third degree criminal sexual conduct, making terroristic threats and fourth degree assault of a school official.

"Bloomington" man?  Not a chance.  Just another Somali muslim doing what Somali muslims do no matter where they are in the world.

The woman immediately began kicking and screaming at Mohamed. She told police, he covered her mouth and told her he would kill her. The woman continued screaming and struggling with Mohammed. In the struggle, he ripped out her earring and pulled her hair. The woman told police she was convinced he was going to rape her. 
Bystanders nearby heard her screams and came to help. They found Mohamed choking the woman with one hand and smoking a glass pipe with his other hand. The woman was screaming and hitting Mohamed while her pants and underwear were down around her knees.

Let me repeat myself.  This is just another Somali muslim doing what Somali muslims do.  This is what they do in their country, and this is what they do in ours. 

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

ISIS inspired teenager tries to blow up high school, National Media doesn't say a peep

I guess if you can't blame guns, then why report it?

(KUTV) — A juvenile was arrested Tuesday morning after a 'potentially' dangerous homemade device was found at Pine View High School on Monday. 
The juvenile was interviewed as a person of interest, police say.
During the interview with investigators, the suspect admitted to taking the American flag down and replacing it with an ISIS flag at Hurricane High School. 
The suspect also admitted to spray painting "ISIS IS COMI" on the school that same morning, police say.
Beware the dog that doesn't bark. 

Courtesy of the Grouchy Old Cripple

Does that mean that this brilliant liberal wants…
– women to be banned from entering school and college campuses? (Heh. A woman free zone. – GOC)– women to be banned from any establishment selling alcohol?
– women to be banned from polling places on election days (That would be the death of the Dimocrat Party – GOC)– women to be banned from any official government group meetings?(No women in Congress – GOC)– all women to be banned from all airports?
– you to have to pay a fee to the state before you can have a woman with you?
– some women to be banned outright simply because they look too scary?
– all women to be locked up at all times that they are not in use?
– Does she also think that all guys should have more than one?
– That all women should come with silencers?
– All women need to be cleaned and greased after each use, then put in a locked box?
Heh indeed!

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

When the Miami Herald is piling on Sheriff Israel....

You know it's gotta be bad.

Israel said that Peterson should have charged inside, confronted the gunman and killed him. Tough talk for the cameras, but several other deputies apparently did not go into the building, either. 
Peterson resigned and, speaking through his lawyer last week, defended his actions. He said that he was not a coward and that he thought the shots were coming from outside. 
Last week, the Herald obtained documents that show a BSO captain ordered deputies to form a perimeter, possibly after the shooting was over, and not telling them to rush into the building. This contradicts what Israel said was the protocol. 
No, what the videos would reveal are not “security plans,” as the sheriff claims. Rather they will reveal that there was probably confusion over the plan, or flawed communication of said plan. 
It’s obvious that, whatever the plan, it was hopelessly bungled that awful afternoon of Feb. 14. What in the world could the release of the video recordings possibly compromise now?

Scott Israel is a politically correct buffoon, not an actual, honest-to-god Sheriff, and his actions prove that out.  The longer the focus stays on the Parkland shooting, the more information comes out that makes every single level of government look bad.  Right now this douche-canoe is probably wishing he'd never pushed those kids into the lime-light and gave them their DNC talking points, because the more those twerps run around insulting gun owners, the longer people look at the Parkland shooting and wonder why, if the government failed at every level, they should give up their guns for the "protection" provided by this buffoon and the flaming jack-asses at the FBI.

Tear it down and start over.

Fire the fuckers, then fire the fuckers who enabled the fuckers.

FBI agent Peter Strzok was told of a possible breach into the Hillary Clinton's homebrewed server but didn't do anything about it. What ARE they doing at the FBI? "What would you say you do here?" They aren't following up on tips of a possible school shooter, they aren't following up on foreign hacking of the Secretary of State's illegal email server, so what?

At this point, I wouldn't trust the FBI to find anything, since they're more concerned about a fake story contained in a dossier funded by Clinton and concocted out of this air. 

Monday, March 05, 2018

Hey Dave, why does modern Country Music stink like the corpse of a camel rotting on a trash-heap in Iraq in July?

Take a look at who's running it.

Country Music executives Jason Owen and Whitney Pastorek led a push to oust former Gov. Mike Huckabee from the Country Music Association Foundation board of directors, citing his support for the National Rifle Association and his views on LGBT issues. Huckabee, now a TV host, was out within a day of his appointment to the board.

Jason Owen is a mincing faggot who hates Christians, and Whitney Pastorek is a Hillary-voting, pro-abortion, anti-gun Democrat.  The reason that modern country music has sunk down into a cesspool of bullshit and mediocrity is because the same people who push pop music on the public are pushing new country.

And yeah, I'm done being nice to gays who try to quash Christianity.  Sorry, no, we're on opposite sides of the spectrum.  Funny how I don't see that kind of rage and hatred directed at Muslims.  Odd that. 

No, it's not odd.  Both of those groups hate Western, Christian civilization.

As for modern country music, with it's electronic drum beats, auto-tuning, dance-club bass and fancy-looking "singers" who can't actually sing?  Piss on 'em.  There are good musicians out there.  I'll listen to THEM, and not give the music companies my business.

Democrats only win the elections they can steal

And that's why they're fighting against Voter ID so hard.  Because if voters actually had to prove they were US citizens, the Democrats would lose nationwide.

More than 100,000 noncitizens are registered to vote in Pennsylvania alone, according to testimony submitted Monday in a lawsuit demanding the state come clean about the extent of its problems. 
The Public Interest Legal Foundation, which has identified similar noncitizen voting problems in studies of Virginia and New Jersey, said Pennsylvania officials have admitted noncitizens have been registering and voting in the state “for decades.” 
But state officials have stonewalled PILF requests for access to the data that could expose the problem, the group says in a lawsuit filed in federal court in Harrisburg.

Voter ID is a must.  Otherwise, any Juan, Viktor or Habib can vote to get a bigger slice of our pie delivered to their door, free for them.  But we always end up paying the cost.  Which is why California is paying out BILLIONS of dollars in welfare and other benefits to illegal aliens.

Italy tells the EU to pound sand

I don't know how that translates in Italian.

Yesterday, when we looked at the final polling going into the Italian elections, it appeared that the coalition of right-wing parties seeking to curb forced migration would take roughly a combined 32 to 35 percent of the vote. As it turns out, they did even better, coming in with an estimated 37%. This is still short of a single-party majority, but impossible to ignore. It adds up to what is likely 123 seats in the lower house of the legislature where they previously held 22. 

Apparently, Italians are getting tired of Diversity coming into their house, stealing their food, trashing their property and raping their kids.  Who woulda thunk it?

Watch the Oscars? Fuck no.

I don't need to be lectured by a bunch of hypocritical, amoral shitstains on America's under-oos.  Besides, when Gary Oldman thanks America during his Oscar speech and the crowd sits on their hands, they can all get fucked.  I don't need to question their patriotism.  THEY DO NOT HAVE ANY OF THAT VIRTUE.  Really, they don't have ANY virtues, so it's not a big shock.

With very few exceptions, the vast majority of Hollywood could all disappear tomorrow, and the world would be better off.

Sunday, March 04, 2018


Francis Porretto is giving away one of his books for FREE on Amazon.

As someone who has paid money for some of Mr. Porretto's books, I can only tell you to go thee hence, and get the book.  The man is an outstanding author.

Saturday, March 03, 2018

Get Woke, Go Broke

Add on to that all the people who will no longer be using Delta Airlines because of their shitty decision to virtue signal to the SJW howler monkeys and their poo-flinging brigade.  Delta fucked up.  Maybe United can get away with it, because they're based out of Chicago and that city doesn't give a shit about the Constitution.  But Atlanta?  In Georgia?  Dude....  that CEO needs to get his ass fired.  

Friday, March 02, 2018

Preach it, Sister!

The sheer amount of fuckwittery coming from the gun-ban crowd never ceases to amaze me.

Rule #3

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) fined Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign $14,500 for accepting illegal in-kind foreign contributions from the Australian Labor Party (ALP) during the 2016 elections.  
While volunteering with the Sanders campaign, the Australians engaged in political activities “including encouraging voter attendance at campaign events, recruiting volunteers, canvassing with volunteers, and planning events,” according to the FEC. 
The Sanders campaign “treated the ALP delegates no differently from any other campaign out-of-town volunteers and was aware that they were receiving a stipend from the ALP,” the FEC added. 
The ALP spent $16,140 for the Australians’ flights to the United States and $8,282 for their daily stipends. The FEC determined that amounted to a $24,422 “prohibited in-kind foreign contribution” the Sanders campaign accepted from the ALP.

If a Democrat accuses you of something, you can be damn sure they are doing it themselves.  They always project their sins upon their enemies.

Thursday, March 01, 2018


YouTube on the way to banning Conservative channels

They're working in that right now.

“YouTube is targeting conservative channels, saying our commentary is ‘bullying’ yet they allow Southern Poverty Law Center to hunt us like rabbits, strip away our voices like the skin, and grill anyone slightly right of Karl Marx with the term ‘fascist,'” claimed Whitty in an email to Breitbart Tech. “When YouTube or any other large platform targets me, it doesn’t so much scare me. If anything, it just makes me angry and I let that anger motivate me.” 
“I grew up in Berkeley, California, where I was raised by a family of limousine liberals who silenced me my entire life and when I decided to come out of the conservative closet, they exiled me,” she continued. “If I can stand losing my entire family for having a voice, I can handle a few Internet warlords.”

Silicon Valley is entirely Leftist.  Therefore, they are entirely fascist.  Scratch a Democrat, find a dictator.  It shouldn't be too much of a shock when the rabid Leftists of Google start cracking down on dissenting speech, as Leftists do not want to hear any kind of dissent, nor do they allow speech that goes against their ideology if they can prevent it.

I've already signed up with BitChute.  Google can kiss my ass, and I'll dump YouTube in a heartbeat.  I already ignore their search engine, and various other services they have I don't even bother with.  I don't need a bunch of Fascist motherfuckers tracking my data, and I'm done helping Marxist fuckwits make money when all they want to do is destroy my way of life.  Piss on 'em.

The Drugging of the American Boy

You want to talk about a rise in shootings?

"We are pathologizing boyhood," says Ned Hallo-well, a psychiatrist who has been diagnosed with ADHD himself and has cowritten two books about it, Driven to Distraction and Delivered from Distraction. "God bless the women's movement—we needed it—but what's happened is, particularly in schools where most of the teachers are women, there's been a general girlification of elementary school, where any kind of disruptive behavior is sinful. What I call the 'moral diagnosis' gets made: You're bad. Now go get a doctor and get on medication so you'll be good. And that's a real perversion of what ought to happen. Most boys are naturally more restless than most girls, and I would say that's good. But schools want these little goody-goodies who sit still and do what they're told—these robots—and that's just not who boys are."

You don't say?

Source: Psychiatry, April 2010; The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, October 1999.

Years ago, my step-son was diagnosed with a "learning disability".  He couldn't read.  The teachers said he was "slow".  This kid was one of the smartest boys I knew and yet he couldn't read.  So the Mrs. started reading to him at night.  Not any of the boring bullshit forced down kids throats these days, but Harry Potter. 

By the time we got to book two, he was reading on his own.  He had no problem reading.  He had no problem learning.  He was BORED STIFF IN SCHOOL.

One man believes that drugging children's brains is too risky. That until we get a lot closer to achieving a foolproof diagnosis for ADHD, we need to think twice about giving a single pill to a single child. He believes that what is called attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder might in fact be a boy's greatest gift, the gift of energy. And that the best way to treat it is to first teach the boy to control the energy all by himself, because by learning to control it all by himself, a boy can channel that energy to help him succeed. That the responsible thing to do is first to see if there is some problem with the boy's heart—not with the way it pumps blood, but with its ability to show and accept love. The man's name is Howard Glasser, and he is one of those countercultural clinicians who, as American society has become inured to giving psychotropic drugs to kids, has built a practice predicated on opposing the very idea. 
If he were a child today, Glasser would be given a prescription for a stimulant in about five minutes. Little Howie was a wired kid. Obstreperous. But good. A good kid. And when he grew up and became a family therapist—he has applied to earn his doctorate in education from Harvard starting this fall—he created a way of dealing with wired, obstreperous, uncontrollable kids who are, beneath all that, good. And he believes all of them are good. 
He calls the method the Nurtured Heart Approach, and it seems simple on the surface: You nurture the child's heart. If a child is hyperactive and defiant and has trouble listening and concentrating, Glasser feels it is our responsibility as a society—as grown-ups—to do everything we can for a child's heart before we start adding chemicals to his brain, because what if his brain is fine? What if the diagnosis isn't right? And even if it is, what if something else works?
If ADHD had been a thing when I was growing up, I'd be doped up to the gills by the school system to ensure that I would be a "good boy".  I hated school.  Never paid attention, other than in my various music classes.  Tore-assed through the countryside of North Idaho whenever I could.  I guarantee that if my teachers could have doped me up on some ADHD drug, they'd have done so in a red-hot minute.  Thank God that didn't happen.  But it's happening to boys all over this country.  And it's a load of horse shit.  You want to talk school shootings?  What in the hell do you think is going to happen when you're doping boys up with Schedule II drugs from the time they enter the school system to the time they leave it?  What in the HELL do you think is going to happen when you have a kid on drugs that affect dopamine for over a decade, and then turn them loose?

I'm of the opinion that the biggest problem kids have these days is the public school system.  The one-size-fits-all, mediocrity-shall-be-enforced, publik skool sistim that has ruined learning for generations of children in this country.  And I'm willing to bet that if we stopped shoving our kids into this meat grinder of misery, we might be able to treat a huge number of ADHD cases without drugs.

But what do I know.  I'm just a guy who hates sitting still.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Dear Never Trumpers

If you can't come around now, and accept the fact that Donald Trump has actually be a damn good president so far...  well, then you should just join the Democrats and stop pretending.

Thomas Binion, director of congressional and executive branch relations at Heritage, said that Trump has implemented 64 percent of the “unique policy recommendations” from the group. 

At this stage of his presidency, Reagan had completed 49 percent of the Heritage policy recommendations. 
“We’re blown away,” Binion said in an interview. Trump, he said, “is very active, very conservative, and very effective.” 
What’s more, he said, Trump hasn’t just focused on one agenda area, but he and his team has pushed through administrative moves on foreign policy, deregulation, immigration, tax reform and health care, moves often ignored by the media. 
“It is a huge volume that his administration has worked on and it is a huge spectrum of issues,” said Binion.

First and foremost, Hillary Clinton is not, nor will she ever be, President.  Huge win.  Massive win for the country and for people who love freedom.

Second - Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch.  A home-run, that will pay dividends for decades.

Those two things were worth electing Trump.  Now add in the huge (sorry, YUUUUUUUUUUGE) list of accomplishments that would never, ever have happened with the GOPe choices of Jeb, or Kasich, or Christie.  Trump got it done.

All the never-Trumpers currently falling onto their fainting couches are either two stupid and ignorant to understand that, or they were lying about their conservative principals from the word "Go".  Either option is plausible.

People have observed Sheriff Israel, the Coward of Broward County

And found him lacking.  Here's what another Sheriff has put out in response to the complete and total clusterfuck in Broward County:

“We do not stage and wait for SWAT, we do not take cover in a parking lot, and we do not wait for another agency,” Sheriff Tracy Murphree wrote. “We go in and do our duty. We go in to engage and stop the shooter and save lives.” 
“If for any reason you cannot follow this directive, please inform your supervisor and we will work to get you re-assigned,”
Apparently, The Denton County Sheriff wanted to make sure that his deputies didn't get any ideas following the Coward of Broward County's debacle.  And maybe, just maybe, he wanted to make a point that the Sheriff of a county is supposed to take responsibility for their actions, not run and hide and blame the NRA, gun-owning moms, law-abiding citizens and small dogs.

Partnerships only work if everybody pulls together

And in the same direction.

So the Germans have 95 operable tanks at any given time and less than 200 working Armored Personnel Carriers. Their Air Force is in serious trouble. They have roughly forty operable fighter jets, a good portion of which are already committed to operations around Turkey and Syria. 
And then there’s the Navy. Shall we talk about the German submarine force? It’s going to be a short discussion. Coming into this winter they had one (!) operable submarine. Sadly, that one grounded on the rocks a few months ago so their total fleet of subs currently stands at… zero. 
How did things get to this point? A recent interview with the German Defense Minister included some choice quotes. One of them was the explanation that Germany hasn’t paid as much attention to the military because “we are surrounded by friends.” The alternate and somewhat more dismal explanation is, “because we just don’t care.”
In my very short time in Kabul, I saw lots of flags at the main airport.  French and Belgium and Australian and Greek and so on and so forth.

Out at Camp Phoenix, it was Armenians and Bulgarians.

Out in FOBs away from the comforts and political safety of the main base in Kabul, it was....  just Americans.

The only real reason we have our NATO allies helping us out in Afghanistan is to use them as a political fig leaf.  "See, what we're doing is right and good and just!  Look at all the people we have helping us!"  Except we don't really have people helping us, do we?  We have "allies" that can't field a force.  We have allies that cannot actually get their troops from one theater to another, and moreover, they do not care that they lack this ability, because the US of A has always been doing the heavy lifting so why should they bother?

I remember when NATO intervened in Kosovo, and the French had to hire civilian ferries to move it's troops because they didn't actually possess the watercraft needed to move troops and supplies up a river.  Or up anywhere.

After the tsunami in Indonesia, it was a US carrier group that every other country in the world used as a floating HQ.  Of course, they all wanted to rub elbows with the political figures that would allow them the most opportunity for graft, because that's what the rest of the world does while America busts its ass trying to fix shit.

If Germany cannot field a military, then they are worthless as a NATO ally.  They should either do their damn job, or we should dump them.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Why nobody trusts the media

Or military "experts".

A)  The fact that this raging douche-nozzle was a Lieutenant General in the US Army explains quite a bit about the problems the Army is currently facing.

B)  The AR-15 was never used by the US military in any capacity.

C)  There is no such thing as "full semi-auto". 

And in my opinion, as well as many other military members, the 5.56mm round is under-powered, weak, ineffective, and pathetic.  There are reasons people have been calling for a bigger round ever since I knew what ballistics were, and that's *mumblemumble* decades now.  The experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan have not made those calls any softer.

In short, this general got used by CNN like a condom, and he's worth just about as much as a used prophylactic after everything is said and done.

Immigration and War

A 15 minute lecture on BitChute.  I don't know how to embed the video, or perhaps BitChute doesn't offer that just yet.

Also, BitChute - an alternative to YouTube, and the liberal fascist fuckheads at Google.  Yay!

Sorry for the short posts lately - been busy.

Monday, February 26, 2018

There's a woodsy kind of smell in the air.

Tons of rain the past couple of days.  Tons more coming up.  But today was sunny, and the forests around the house are giving off a delightful aroma.  It's the kind that says "SPRING IS HERE, BITCHES!"

I'm left to wonder what it will smell like in July when Summer is flogging me senseless.  Probably like Satan's jock-strap, or something.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Oh, they better pass this

Maybe if folks from South-eastern Idaho hadn't gotten a little taste of what Islamic boys do, this wouldn't be such an issue.  But they did, so it is.

The Idaho House on Tuesday approved North Idaho Rep. Eric Redman’s anti-Sharia law bill by a nearly two-to-one margin, the furthest Redman has gotten with his proposal in three years of trying. 
Idaho Spokesman The bill, which passed on a 44-24 vote, would declare void any court ruling that relies “in whole or in part on any foreign law” that doesn’t match U.S. or Idaho protections for due process, freedom of religion, speech, press, privacy or marriage. It doesn’t specifically mention Islamic Sharia law, but that’s been the focus of debate over Redman’s proposal.

It's sad that we've gotten to a point where a bill like this is even needed.  But given the Left's desire to embrace enemies of Western Civilization at every opportunity, and make no mistake, Islam is the enemy of Western Civilization, then it behoves those of us who can see a danger coming to ensure we avoid it.

CNN says they didn't give anyone questions for their Town Hall. They lied, as usual.

Found here. 

Friday, February 23, 2018

The plot sickens

So, regarding the school shooting in Parkland, Florida:

The FBI was tipped off about this kid twice, and did nothing.

Local law enforcement agencies had been called to this guy's house 39 times, and did nothing.

And now we're finding out that a Broward County Sheriff's Deputy was actually on site at the time of the shooting, and did nothing.

But they want to blame the NRA.

They want to blame an inanimate object.

I think we all know why.

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel should resign immediately, not only for this screw up but for the fact that he KNEW his own deputies had fucked up and he went out on a CNN stage and pushed their bullshit narrative.  It's no wonder the Lefties tried a full court press for gun control the moment the bodies had stopped twitching.  Every day that passes comes more news about people who did not do what they were supposed to do, and these are the people the Left says should be in charge of situations just like this!

CNN pulled a two-minute hate on Dana Loesch for daring to say that private citizens are the only ones who can protect ourselves, and as it turns out, she is 100% correct.  Because the guy who was actually paid to protect those students in the case of an active shooter did NOTHING while kids were getting shot.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

CNN gave Parkland shooting survivor scripted questions.

CNN:  All the "news" that's fit to fake.

CNN aired a town hall on the Florida school shooting with Sens. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Bill Nelson (D-FL) that included NRA's Dana Loesch and Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel that was moderated by Jake Tapper. Students and parents asked questions about gun control and school safety.

"I expected to be able to ask my questions and give my opinion on my questions," Haab said. 
"Colton Haab, a member of the Junior ROTC who shielded classmates in the midst of terror says he did not get to share his experience," WPLG's Janine Stanwood explained.
"Colton wrote questions about school safety, suggested using veterans as armed school security guards but claims CNN wanted him to ask a scripted question instead so he decided not to go," Stanwood reported.

I watched a couple of clips of the town hall that CNN held.  I couldn't watch more than a few clips because I can't stand CNN's habit of dressing up emotional vomit as some sort of "logic".  The kids were smug and insulting at every turn.  The Broward County Sheriff who's department basically ignored every single warning flag the shooter put up was smarmy, condescending and full of himself.  And the NRA couldn't have asked for better TV ad material than all these smug, ignorant shitbags clapping and cheering over full confiscation of all semi-automatic firearms.

2018 is going to get nasty.  Prepare to fight back, hard.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

If you have boys at home, maybe they should read this

A Letter to the Boys and Young Men of America.

Leftists being leftists

This does not shock me one bit.  Leftists always use the state to bully, intimidate and punish their enemies.

It was a prolonged mystery that struck Wisconsin education reformers as more akin to a Kafka novel than American due process: Who was behind cryptic demand letters sent under the aegis of the Obama Justice Department, intimating without specific evidence that Milwaukee’s school-choice program was illegally discriminating against disabled kids? 
Now, after a six-year bureaucratic and legal tangle in which school voucher advocates said they were stonewalled by Washington, the mystery has been solved. And the answer, they say, is alarming: The federal operation was sparked and practically run behind the scenes by liberal opponents of the program.

This is why Leftists need to be driven out of power.  Because all leftists are tyrants at heart, and they'll use the government as a weapon every chance they get.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

This will not end well

Marines lower requirements in order to get more female officers to pass.

I can't think of anything that will is destroy combat readiness than lowering standards in order to appease diversity requirements. 

I'm thankful that I'm getting close to retirement.  The Army is already infected with PC Diversity Bullshit from top to bottom.  It's sad to see the Marines fall as well.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Guess what I'm doing today?

Since I have the day off.

Yes, I busted up laughing.

And yes, I busted up laughing! 

And they don't say "Domino".  They slap the domino on the table hard enough to leave a dent and holler it at the top of their lungs.  "DOMINO, BITCH!"

Unless you do it first.  Just sayin'.

Sunday, February 18, 2018


The Left is furiously masturbating to the new Black Panther movie, because diversity and screw you racists.  The Z Man points out a few logical conclusions: 

The underlying argument from our rulers is that Africa is a mess, because of racism. The book Why Nations Fail is the model for this argument. Whites destroyed the native African institutions and left behind extractive ones. That’s why Africa is a mess. The reality is sub-Saharan Africans have an average IQ in the low-80’s. Eritrea is the “smartest” country with an average IQ of 85. What that means is most Africans are borderline to mildly retarded. The reason Africa is not and never will be Wakanda is it is full of Africans. 
Now, you cannot fault blacks for celebrating this fictionalized black homeland where they are at the top of the heap. The promotion of this fantasy, however, makes the essential point of the Dissident Right. Humans naturally want to reign supreme in their own domains, surrounded by people that are like them. Wakanda would not resonate with black people if the ruler was a guy named Muary Greenblatt and his minions were all East Asians or Mexicans. Like everyone, blacks dream of a world without diversity. 
The over the top promotion of this black supremacist movie makes all the main cultural arguments you hear on the Dissident Right. If it is OK for blacks to dream of their own homeland, why can’t whites do the same? If blacks would be better off without whites around, doesn’t the same hold true for whites? If the natural order is for the races to be separate, then why in the hell is diversity a good thing? If you were hoping whites would become racially aware, the movie Black Panther is manna from heaven,
By separating people into groups, the Left has essentially created what it said existed all along:  A group that identifies itself as "White".  If blacks are going to vote against Whitey, and hispanics are going to vote against Whitey, all because of the color of Whitey's skin, then Whitey is going to find himself voting against blacks and hispanics just to be able to exist.  It's like like the political version of the Tragedy of the Commons.

So what does the future hold? Well, the fantasists will say “race war.” That’s bullshit, of course. No, the most likely future is a “whimper rather than a bang” scenario. And to make my point, I’ll once again invoke Native Americans. Right now, about a quarter of all American Indians live in squalor and dependency on reservations. The rest are spread out across the country, making a living, contributing to society. Individual Native Americans are fine, but “the community” is shit. I think that’s what we’re going to see happen with blacks. As the black community continues to decay, and as it continues to get squeezed by whites, Asians, and the stupefyingly fertile Hispanics, we’ll see a kind of urban “reservation” network take shape. Blacks with skills and a desire to be seen as something other than fart receptacles will leave the community and mix with everyone else. The remaining detritus? They’ll be increasingly boxed into urban hellholes. Reservations, essentially. Places with lots of welfare, lots of crime, and little hope. Places that cannot be helped, places that cannot be saved. 
The notion that a segment of the black community might be unsalvageable is heresy to egalitarian leftists, conservative Christians (who hold fast to ideas of redemption and salvation), and establishment neocons (because “land of opportunity, early to bed, hugs not drugs, we all bleed red”). But as millions of black Americans go to the movies this week to escape reality, the rest of us might do well to contemplate the reality they’re escaping.
Even in the small town I live in, there are parts of said town that a person of light-colored skin does not trespass.  Folks have essentially self-segregated themselves into enclaves.  I've seen exactly what David Cole describes; individual blacks are working, living, etc, but the black community is going to absolute shit.  I had to stop by the police department last month on a business matter, and every single photo of wanted criminals that was hanging up in the PD were black faces.  When you hear about gunshot victims, you don't hear about John Smith getting capped, it's Devonta'e, or Drayzell, or some other various ebonics spelling of some name that didn't exist until the 1980s or so.  But the guy who delivers propane around our neighborhood, who just happens to be black?  Justin.  I don't think he's going to be involved in a gang shooting any time soon.

No, I don't have any answers.  I'm just observing and stating what the Left doesn't want anyone to observe or say.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Take care of yourself, folks.

I'm part of a funeral detail today.  Old-ish gent, Viet Nam vet, but about 15 years younger than my father, who is also a Viet Nam vet.

Now granted, this gent had scores of kids, grand-kids, great-grandkids, etcetera, so you can't say he didn't live a full life.  But he died rather young, all things considered.  Much younger than I would prefer to kick the bucket.  And probably much younger than he wanted to shuffle off this mortal coil.

Get healthy.  Or healthier, all things considered.  Take care of yourself. 

What could we do with $38,000,000,000?

Fix some bridges, maybe?  Repair some of our infrastructure?  Anything other than letting illegal aliens dump it into their countries?

Perhaps comically, remittances were actually Mexico’s biggest source of foreign income after auto exports, far surpassing the $20 billion that Mexico earned from oil exports and the $19 billion from tourism in 2017. 
Undoubtedly the majority of these remittances were sent by legal immigrants to America, although a substantial share was in fact sent by illegal immigrants.  It is estimated that illegal immigrants sent $38 billion abroad in remittances in 2017.
A country that refuses to enforce it's borders stops being a country in short order. 

Friday, February 16, 2018

FBI was warned about school shooter last month, and did nothing


The FBI said Friday that a month before the shooting rampage at a South Florida high school, the bureau received a warning that the 19-year-old charged in the massacre might carry out such an attack — but then investigators failed to act on it. 
The startling revelation came two days after police say Nikolas Cruz marched into his former high school and gunned down 17 people. In a statement, the FBI said it received a tip last month from “a person close to Nikolas Cruz” reporting concerns about him, specifically saying that he could potentially carry out a school shooting. 
While this should have been investigated “as a potential threat to life …  these protocols were not followed,” the bureau said in a statement.

Oh, and they were warned about Cruz's YouTube channel where he made similar threats, and again, did nothing.

But hey, they're all over the MUH RUSSIA thing!  Oh, and lying to Congress, and to the American people about the bullshit they were pulling over the 2016 election.

Failures of this magnitude normally require folks to be fired with prejudice in order to right the ship.

Mind altering drugs and violence

In light of the school shooting in Florida, here's a list of people who were on anti-depressants when they committed violence.

Guns are not the problem.  Guns are inanimate objects, and as we've seen all around the globe, you can be killed by a truck just as easily as you can with a gun.  What is causing these people to kill others?  In the case of muslims, it's their belief in a Satanic death cult.  But in the case of kids who've been fed medication....  maybe it's the meds.

I'll also point you once again to John Ringo's essay about Cymbalta.

Nobody really knows how the brain works.  We can see functions and actions and say "OK, if we do X then Y happens", but we still don't know WHY.  Adding drugs that screw with the dopamine and serotonin receptors WILL cause side effects, and God knows that we've been doping kids up with all kinds of SSRI inhibitors, or anti-depressants, or anti-psychotics for years now.  I think we'll continue to see more of this than less, because too many people focus on the gun and not the actual issue.  They're focusing on the symptoms, and not the cause.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

So, I was arguing with this "Jew" in Kalifornia

And I put the word "Jew" in parentheses, because they may have been Jewish ethnically, but they didn't follow a single bit of Jewish doctrine.  And when I asked them what temple they attended, they blew a gasket because they didn't actually have an answer.

So it makes me happy to read an article like this:  Hey, Chuck, What the hell does McDonalds put in its cheeseburgers?

Chuck Schumer is a Jew like Nancy Pelosi is a Catholic.  It's a mask to be used in order to gain votes and deflect criticism, but they don't actually follow their faith.  That's just for the rubes, don't you know.

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you

And in case you were wondering, so long as you're not some ProgNazi, they're out to get you.

These kinds of abuses of power were nothing new, given the Obama team’s long history of this type of misconduct on everything from the Benghazi terror attack to the political misuse of the IRS. They weaponized the most fearsome government agencies to target, monitor and presumably illegally unmask political opponents, including members of Congress, journalists reporting unfavorable stories, Trump allies and average Americans.  
These dark institutional offenses didn’t just materialize out of thin air. One of the criticisms of President Nixon was that even though he wasn’t aware of the Watergate break-in, he had created an environment in which such an action was acceptable. 
Decades later, Obama created a climate in which the potentially criminal misuse of the DOJ and the FBI, as currently being unraveled, was not just acceptable but perhaps encouraged, thereby giving rise to what could be the most dangerous scandal in American history.

And then these Proggies wonder why we refuse to give up our guns.  Because without them, the odds of being shoved into cattle cars and sent off to a final "solution" by the liberals grows exponentially. 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

This is not how a clean, competent organization functions

When six high-level officials resign, are removed, or demoted in a short window of time.

But if the FBI and Justice are so squeaky clean of political bias, what accounts for the growing pile of top officials deeply involved in those supposedly aboveboard investigations who've been reassigned, demoted or have suddenly quit their jobs? There have been nearly half a dozen in just the past few weeks. Thankfully, reporter Sharyl Attkisson has been keeping a running tally.

BUT DAVE, THE RANK AND FILE BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH.  Exactly how many rank and file agents have we seen pushing back against the leadership who was COMMITTING ILLEGAL AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL ACTS ON A DAILY BASIS?

The FBI needs to be purged, top to bottom.

St. Valentine's Day

And Ash Wednesday.  So, today we celebrate the feast day of the Patron Saint of Love, along with the beginning of Lent, the season where we prepare for the resurrection of Christ by acknowledging our sins that caused his death.

The Mrs. and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day.  It's a Hallmark Holiday.  Flowers and Chocolates and blah blah blah blah.  We've never really gotten into it. 

Just in case you were wondering who St. Valentine actually was:

Valentine became famous for marrying couples who were in love but couldn’t get legally married in Rome during the reign of Emperor Claudius II, who outlawed weddings. Claudius wanted to recruit lots of men to be soldiers in his army and thought that marriage would be an obstacle to recruiting new soldiers. He also wanted to prevent his existing soldiers from getting married because he thought that marriage would distract them from their work. 
When Emperor Claudius discovered that Valentine was performing weddings, he sent Valentine to jail. Valentine used his time in jail to continue to reach out to people with the love that he said Jesus Christ gave him for others. 
He befriended his jailer, Asterious, who became so impressed with Valentine’s wisdom that he asked Valentine to help his daughter Julia with her lessons. Julia was blind and needed someone to read material for her to learn it. Valentine then became friends with Julia through his work with her when she came to visit him in jail. 
Emperor Claudius also came to like Valentine. He offered to pardon Valentine and set him free if Valentine would renounce his Christian faith and agree to worship the Roman gods. Not only did Valentine refuse to leave his faith, he also encouraged Emperor Claudius to place his trust in Christ. Valentine’s faithful choices cost him his life. Emperor Claudius was so enraged at Valentine’s response that he sentenced Valentine to die. 
Before he was killed, Valentine wrote a last note to encourage Julia to stay close to Jesus and to thank her for being his friend. He signed the note: “From your Valentine.” That note inspired people to begin writing their own loving messages to people on Valentine’s Feast Day, February 14th, which is celebrated on the same day on which Valentine was martyred. 
Valentine was beaten, stoned, and beheaded on February 14, 270. People who remembered his loving service to many young couples began celebrating his life, and he came to be regarded as a saint through whom God had worked to help people in miraculous ways. By 496, Pope Gelasius designated February 14th as Valentine’s official feast day.

St. Valentine so loved Christ that he was beaten, stoned, and beheaded.  I will withhold any commentary about how that mirrors modern-day romance.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Pretty much, yeah.

College - it's just a show put on for other folks.

While the labor market rewards good grades and fancy degrees, most of the subjects schools require simply aren't relevant on the job. Literacy and numeracy are vital, but few of us use history, poetry, higher mathematics or foreign languages after graduation. The main reason firms reward education is because it certifies (or "signals") brains, work ethic and conformity.

"Conformity" being the biggest of those three. 

Almost everyone pays lip service to the glories of education, but actions speak louder than words. Ponder this: If a student wants to study at Princeton, he doesn't really need to apply or pay tuition. He can simply show up and start taking classes. As a professor, I assure you that we make near-zero effort to stop unofficial education; indeed, the rare, earnestly curious student touches our hearts. At the end of four years at Princeton, though, the guerrilla student would lack one precious thing: a diploma. The fact that almost no one tries this route — saving hundreds of thousands of dollars along the way — is a strong sign that students understand the value of certification over actual learning.

Using the Army as an example - they want to see a diploma.  They don't care what subject.  It could be Underwater Manchurian Basket Weaving.  It could be on Technical Lighting and Sound in the Pornography Industry.  They don't give a shit as long as they see you have a diploma.

Well, then, a lot of troops go to a diploma mill, get a fancy sheepskin, and hang it on their wall.  What did they learn?  Damn near nothing.  But the Army says that if you don't get a diploma you don't get promoted, so they play the game. 

I have to head out, so I'll post more on this later.  I've got a couple of thoughts brewing.