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Monday, November 12, 2018

So what they're really saying is that Muslims are incapable of existing in Western Civilization.

England is refusing asylum for Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian woman who's life is in danger, because they don't want to cause "unrest" in their Muslim population.  So in short, they are admitting that Muslims cannot co-exist with Western Civilization.  They are also admitting that they are no longer part of Western Civilization, seeing as how they care more about the inbred pedophile worshipping rapists and barbarians than they do about a Christian woman who's life is in danger from more inbred pedophile worshipping rapists and barbarians. 

Britain has rejected an appeal for asylum from Asia Bibi, the Pakistani Christian acquitted of blasphemy last week who is under the threat of death from Islamic leaders who struck a deal with her government to block her exit. 
The British government said allowing Bibi to enter the U.K. would cause unrest among Muslims, according to an advocate, the Huffington Post reported
Wilson Chowdhry, chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association, said he’s been led to believe that the British government “had concerns that her moving to the UK would cause security concerns and unrest among certain sections of the community and would also be a security threat to British embassies abroad which might be targeted by Islamist terrorists.”

The proper response to these inbred, pedophile-worshipping rapists and barbarians is "We are bringing her here because it's the right thing to do.  If you try to stop us, you will be shot like the dogs you are."

If all of Islamic history could be boiled down into one sentence, it would be this:  Rage filled sub-human animals infect societies they could never build and destroy civilizations they could never create.

And quite frankly, Britain is done.  They're finished.  They don't have the strength necessary to defend themselves from the Islamic infection they gave themselves.  They refuse to defend the girls and women that muslims rape and use as sex slaves as in Rotherham.  They refuse to grant asylum because they know the muslims they have allowed in will riot and kill and loot and maim, and they're unwilling to do anything about it.

If you've ever wanted to see Britain, go do it now, because soon it'll be nothing but another Jihadi shithole.

Saw this. Stole it. Posting it here.

Yep, yep, yep and yep.  Especially #6.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Veteran's Day

I'm thankful to every vet who came before me that gave me the opportunity to do what I do now.

Vets might not be the most genteel people.  War is fought by rough men.  But I'd take a football field of vets for company over a roomfull of Hollywood liberals any day of the week.

In related news:  The Birdsong of Peace.  I wonder how many Yanks broke down when they heard the guns go silent, and the birds start to sing.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Range Report

Took the new Ruger to the range.  There were a few hiccups in the first couple of magazines.  A couple of FTF, at least one where the case didn't eject all the way and got caught in the chamber as the slide closed.  I put about 200 rounds through it yesterday, and I tried all kinds of ammo.  The cheap plinking ammo is where I had problems - I tried Gold Dot, Sig Sauer and Hornady hollowpoints, and they all fed/cycled just fine.  Like I said, the problems were only in the first couple of mags.  After that, the gun ate everything I threw at it.  So maybe the springs needed to be beaten into submission before they operated properly.

Came home, and found my Talon grips in the mail.  So I put them on last night.

That's SEXY right there.....  I do find it humorous that I got my hot-weather carry gun just as the weather here turns cold and wet.  It'll go into my carry rotation anyways; the Mrs. decided that she wasn't in love with her Vedder holster so she gave it to me.  Also ordered a LC9 shell for my Alien Gear holster, which the Mrs. might just steal when it comes in.  That's a comfortable holster.  The Vedder is smaller, which will come in handy depending on what I'm wearing.

Anyways, there it is.  Mine all mine.

Friday, November 09, 2018

Been a screwed up month

So I'm going to the range today with the Mrs. and a friend.  Nothing like poking holes in paper at long distance to make you feel better.

Thursday, November 08, 2018

Pompous, puffed-up prick loses his White House Press Credentials

It's about damn time.  Jim Acosta is a legend in his own mind, but for anyone else who's unfortunate enough to be around him, he's an arrogant, ignorant, egomaniacal narcissist who spends his time shouting accusations at Donald Trump rather than asking questions.  His press pass should have been yanked a long time ago, and that fat, stupid cow April Ryan should be next.

We normals have waited decades for someone to treat the mainstream media with the contempt and disrespect they deserve.  Trump could publicly lynch 90% of the White House Press Corps on national TV, and I wouldn't shed one tear.  I'd celebrate.

I ain't paying $10 shipping for a $5 item

Look, let's say you're selling a widget, and it's not a widget I can't live without.  It's a small, light widget that might weigh an ounce.  Maybe.

Shipping on that widget should be a buck or two.  Call it a dollar for postage and shipping materials, and another dollar for the time you spend slapping it in an envelope.

I'm not going to pay $10 for you to put your widget, your nice flat light widget, in an envelope and put a first class stamp on it.

Hell, Talon Grips didn't charge me a damn thing for shipping, because they can effectively ship me their grips in a flat first-class USPS envelope.  And USPS will come pick it up for free.  They don't even have to fight lines at the Post Office.

Anyways, just wanted to get that off my chest.

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

National Socialist Democrat Worker's Party regains the House

This sucks, obviously.

However, it also means that this country now gets to stare Nancy Pelosi in the face for a few years.  America doesn't like Nancy Pelosi.  Not really.

Dear GOP:  If you had actually helped the President along, you might have had more people that were willing to vote for you.  But on damn near every issue, you sat on your hands.  Paul Ryan is to blame for his feckless, weak, and establishmentarian leadership.  He's a big-government punk, and we're better off without him.

The Kavanaugh fight actually helped us in the Senate.  Possibly because we voters got to see the GOP senators actually fight back.

Belated birthday present

So, the Mrs. got a Ruger LC9s Pro for an anniversary gift.  It's going to be her carry gun, and she's put several hundreds downrange since she got it.  And of course, since I'm in the lane right next to her, she allows me some time with it.

Oh my, that trigger.  And it's a single stack 9mm that's almost as small as a .380 pistol.  And it shoots so very, very nice.....

So I got one as well for my birthday.  Somewhat belated, but I'm calling it my birthday gift.  So we now have His and Hers Rugers.  I ordered some Talon grips for mine, in Moss.  So we can tell them apart. 

This will be my carry gun during hot weather.  My Taurus or my 1911 will be my cold weather gun.  Screw this whole "dressing around the gun" thing.  I'm just buying a gun that fits the climate. 

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Vote! Vote American! Vote Red!

You know what to do.  If you love this country, you can't allow the Democrats to take any more power than they already have.

The Mrs. and I have both voted already, since we have to do mail-in ballots. 

I honestly have no idea how things are going to shake out.  This election cycle especially, since the pollsters flat out gave up any pretense of objectivity and have simply used their polls to attempt to sway the election.  And I think America has wised up to them, especially after 2016, so their propaganda is less effective than it has ever been.

Anyways, go out there and vote.

Monday, November 05, 2018

Ammo Review

So, a while back I was contacted by a gentleman from AmmoToGo, asking if I had advertising space on the blog.  I responded that yes I do, but that's because my blog readership is small enough that people wouldn't really get a bump at all from any advertising I put up.  I'm just an extremely small fish in the blogging world.

So the gent wrote back and said "Well, thanks for the honest response.  How's about you just do an ammo review for us?"  To which I responded back with where he could send the ammo.  Which showed up pretty darn quickly, I might add.

I should have had this up earlier, but between my multiple physical ailments (October was pretty much a lost month for me, exercise-wise) and TDY trips, the review didn't get done.  UNTIL NOW!

*cue trumpet fanfare*

So, how did I test this ammo?  The same way I practice at the range. - me, using an isosceles stance, unsupported, at seven yards.  If I can put the rounds on target at seven yards, I can do it at five or three.  I don't own a rest.  I don't own a chronograph.  So I'm not going to get into the specifics of accuracy.  Besides, plenty of other people have done that, and they have the data to prove it.  I'm going to talk about how this ammo performed for me in my gun.

My pistol is a Taurus PT111G2.  Pretty much the previous generation of the Taurus G2C.  9mm, double-stack magazine (12+1), 3.2 inch barrel.  I had been somewhat leery about buying a Taurus before I picked this up; everyone has heard the stories about their *ahem* reliability issues.  But it was a good price, and at the time I didn't own a 9mm pistol, so I bought it just to see what it could do.  I'm happy to say that this gun eats almost every kind of ammo you can throw at it, and the one or two failure to feed issues I had were due to me limp-wristing the pistol.  There are pistols with better ergonomics out there, yeah, but in terms of performance?  This pistol hasn't let me down once.  A big chunk of folks who are skeptical of it are more than pleased once they fire it.  And for the price?  Can't beat it.  I like this pistol so much it's my carry gun when it's cool enough to cover a double-stack 9mm with an overshirt.

For anyone scoffing at that last sentence, I have one word for you:  Mississippi.  Need a couple more words?  July and August.  Enough said.

Now, every firearm has ammo that it likes, and ammo it doesn't like.  My 9mm pistol doesn't like the Sig Sauer Elite Performance ammo.  Does that make it bad ammo?  No, it just means that it doesn't perform well in my pistol.  Two different pistols will have two different results with the very same ammo.  That's just part of shooting.  That's why so many competition shooters will spend hours and hours just to tweak their hand-loads to their guns.  And lots of my regulars are all nodding their heads, saying "No kidding Dave, we know, so hurry the hell up with this already...."

The generous folks at Ammo to Go sent me some Speer Lawman, and Speer Gold Dot to test.  I brought along some Blazer Brass and Federal American Eagle ammo just to have some other rounds to compare.  So, how did they do?  Well....  Here's Round One.  I loaded ten rounds of each and fired them off.  I held the boxes up against the target so you can get a decent measurement of the groups:

As you can see, my shots with the Blazer were all over the place.  The Federal was tight.  Both the Speer ammunitions were well within "minute of sternum", which is what you're looking for in a pistol like mine.  I loaded up with more Federal and Gold Dot ammo, for Round Two:

That grouping with the Gold Dot was probably my worst grouping with good ammo, and that's on me, not the ammo.  One last group, just to make sure.

The bottom line is that this ammo is far more accurate than I am.  My wife unfortunately didn't get any pictures of her groups.  However, she was pleased as punch with the Lawman.  This was her first time out with her new pistol, so she was breaking it in, and the Lawman was giving her nice tight groups.

Now for the important part:  I didn't have a single failure to feed in all the boxes I put through the pistol.  Both the Lawman and the Gold Dot were remarkably clean.  The Blazer Brass put out copious amounts of smoke, the Federal a little less so.  The Lawman and Gold Dot were damn near smoke free in comparison.  The Lawman is also a completely encased lead bullet, which means you're not getting any vaporized lead when you shoot.  Cleaner range, cleaner gun, and no heavy metal poisoning!

Both Speer ammos were easily controllable.  I borrowed the wife's Ruger for a couple of magazines, and her lighter pistol was still easy to keep on target.

Both the Speer and the Blazer are made in the same factory, so it's somewhat revealing just how much a difference even a little bit of refinement makes in a type of ammunition.  For about a buck or two more, the Lawman gives you much better accuracy.  Of course, they're both made in Idaho so I'm a bit biased in my ammo selection.  I would buy both of them without any hesitation, and I would note that the Speer Lawman is a under $13.00 at Ammo to Go.  I would carry the Gold Dot as defensive ammo with no concerns.  It ran through my pistol perfectly, and even when I was pushing my speed of shooting I managed to keep nice groupings with it.  My worst groupings with the Gold Dot could still be covered by my hand.

I want to thank Mr. Black at Ammo to Go for giving me the opportunity to test out some ammo and review it here.  I'll be looking at Ammo to Go when I want to get a big order of ammunition in the future.

Saturday, November 03, 2018

Friday, November 02, 2018

This "caravan" of "refugees" is a Democrat-funded stunt

In case you didn't know, the "caravan" of "refugees", also known as illegal aliens invading our country, just filed a lawsuit in Washington D.C.

So, this horde of the poor 'n starvin, fleeing their war-torn, er, socialist countries, is so poor and destitute that they can file lawsuits against the President of the USA for saying that they can't come in to this country illegally.

Yeah.  Totally legit.

This is such a blatant, obvious Democrat hit job that I actually wonder if it isn't being funded by the GOP in some fashion.  I mean, this caravan of violent thugs and hoodlums (with enough wimmin and chilluns for the media to take photos of for heart-tugging action) is only reminding Americans that the Left cares more about illegal aliens than they do about actual US citizens.  Especially since actual US citizens didn't vote for Hillary, which means they must be replaced by more complacent, obedient socialist brown people who do what they're told when their betters tell them to do it.  Not like those disobedient sister-scrogging, gun-humping, bible thumping, low-sloping-forehead Jesus Freaks in flyover country, amirite?

Yeah, this entire thing is pissing me off, and what makes me even more angry is the fact that this should have been dealt with decades ago.  Close the border.  No birthright citizenship.  ENFORCE THE DAMN LAWS.  But both the GOP and the DNC had incentives to keep the massive flood of illegal aliens going into this country, and now we're dealing with the after effects of decades of importing low-education, low-skill, socialist-indoctrinated criminals who flout our laws with impunity.

Trump got where he is by first hammering America's lack of action on the border.  If Democrats actually think that this caravan of violent invaders is going to help them next Tuesday, they need to stop smoking whatever drugs they're on.  America is fed up with being told that we have to accept MS-13 gang members running unchecked across our border or else we're raaaaaaaaaaacist.  Screw that, and screw every politician who aids and abets this flood of illegal aliens into our country.

Secure the border.  BUILD THE WALL.  And cut off all Federal Funds to illegal aliens.  You don't have to deport them, you just have to cut off their flow of our money and watch them go back home.

Thursday, November 01, 2018

File this under "No shit!"

When kids stop smoking pot, their cognitive functions improve.

Marijuana, it seems, is not a performance-enhancing drug. That is, at least, not among young people, and not when the activity is learning.
A study published Tuesday in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry finds that when adolescents stop using marijuana — even for just one week — their verbal learning and memory improve. The study contributes to growing evidence that marijuana use in adolescents is associated with reduced neurocognitive functioning.

How much money was spent on this study?  It's not like anyone who was forced to hang around the stoners in high school couldn't have told you this for much less.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Well, just $%^@#

Some gut bug got me two weeks ago.  Laid me up for a week.

Screwed my foot up last week.  Couldn't run.

Today it's a pinched nerve in my upper back.  Tried to work out just upper body stuff, and came home unable to turn my head. 

This getting old crap is starting to piss me off.

Monday, October 29, 2018

I hate buying presents

I never know what to get a person.  What if they already have what I give them?  What if it's just not what they want?

Is it just me, or is there anyone else out there who hates gift purchasing?

Sunday, October 28, 2018

One of the worst parts about traveling

Is how it screws with your diet.

The Mrs. and I normally eat a very healthy diet.  Not much fast food, nothing fried, lots of fruit and veggies.

Well, most the time when I travel I can't eat like I do back home.  So my diet goes a little sideways.  I still eat as healthy as I can, but when you have ten minutes for lunch you typically don't get to sit down with a salad.  You have to grab and go.

So when I get back, and I start eating my normal foods again, my body goes into purge mode.  I've been releasing more gas than a cow farm around here.  My wife is contemplating having me sleep outside.  The dog is running from his spot on the couch giving me accusing looks, as if to say "Don't blame me for that, you gross bastard!"

Church this morning is going to be fun.  I think I might need a cork.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

To ask the question is to answer it

Why did NBC news sit on evidence discrediting a Kavanaugh accuser for weeks?

Because the Mainstream Media is the propaganda wing of the National Socialist Democrat Worker's Party, and they take their orders from the DNC - which means never ever report on anything that might help the Trump, the GOP or us Normals who live between I-95 and I-5.

To NBC News' credit, their reporting is the entire reason we know about the discrepancies in Swetnick's accounts. It was their October 1st report—during the height of the Kavanaugh sexual misconduct debate—that first revealed that Swetnick would not or could not confirm several of the details she made in a sworn statement to Congress. 
But per the newest story, these are the details NBC News knew for a fact during the Kavanaugh debate, and chose not to report:

I wouldn't read it if you're on blood pressure medication.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Shouldn't the onus be on the people having promiscuous, unprotected sex?

Primary care doctors "not doing enough" to curb STDs, reads the headline.  Uh, nope, sorry.  Who is it deciding to stick Big Jim and the Twins in a hole that thousands of other men have used as a cum dumpster?  Who is deciding to spread their legs for some unknown jackwagon because he looked good in the bar after five drinks?  Is the doctor doing that?

"We know that doctors are not doing enough screening for STDs," said David Harvey, executive director at the National Coalition of STD Directors. The failure to screen routinely "is leading to an explosion in STD rates," he said, adding that cutbacks in funding and a lack of patient awareness about the risks make it worse.

Why don't people try this method:  Keep Your Pants On.

"Oh, but Dave, sex is natural!"  Oddly enough, so is dying from syphilis.  Just because modern society has managed to overcome syphilis in some cases does not overturn the fact that for the greater part of this world's history, rampant promiscuity has normally led to death, or various body parts falling off.  Oh, and by the way, there is now an antibiotic-resistant strain of gonorrhea out there.  So even if you get screened on a daily basis, if you rut like an alleycat in heat, you still might die of a disease who's entire existence could be prevented if people would act like decent people instead of lust-addled monkeys.

On my old motorcycle helmet, I had a sticker that read "Remember when sex was safe, and motorcycles were dangerous?"  Sex today is not safe.  It's never really been safe, but today it a thousand times worse.  Teenagers in high school are popping up with the clap, genital warts, and various other bugs that simply didn't exist in large quantities until the Sexual Revolution.  College students are even worse off.  I swear on my grave, if anything happens to my wife and I'm single again, I'm probably going to swear off sex and become a priest.  I certainly wouldn't go sticking my wang into random females the way modern society demands. 

If you want to know how to avoid catching the clap, or herpes, or any other disease, it's simple.  Don't have sex with lots of random people.  In fact, don't have sex with anyone you're not married to.  And then you won't have to worry about any STD screening.

Went to the doc today

She asked if I had ever had gout before.  I said no, with no family history either.  Did a few x-rays, but nothing came up.  Got a steroid shot and a shot of anti-inflammatories, and that made the foot feel better.  She was of the opinion that it's soft tissue damage and not gout, but if it comes back she'll do a uric acid test.

Oh, and I have plantar fasciitis.  Joy.  That could be a contributing factor.

So it's bicycle for me, at least until the foot is healthy enough to start running again.  And thanks to the new Army fitness test that's rolling out in 2020, it'll be running or nothing.  There are no alternative events so far.  So walking or biking for the test isn't really an option.

Ah well.  Onward to the next thing that crops up.

Thursday, October 25, 2018


Can't argue with a word of that.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Tuesday, October 23, 2018


The Left wishes to bring about the Endarkenment.

This is probably now the top hot-button issue at Canadian universities - the move to replace ‘European-based knowledge’ as exclusionary, inadequate and subjective, and to replace it in some cases with “indigenous knowledge,” and even something called “indigenous science”… what some might say is superstition or magical beliefs… The idea that “indigenous knowledge” is not to be questioned, that it has value equal to supposedly ‘European’ science… is an incredibly worrisome and strange idea.

I might be less inclined to roll my eyes at this piece of idiocy if the "indigenous knowledge" was advanced enough to encompass such objects as...  the wheel.

I think they managed levers.  But not the wheel.

I didn't expect the legal pot up in Canada to hit them this hard this soon.

Monday, October 22, 2018

I hate getting old

Went running on Saturday.  Just a light run, nothing major.

Sunday, the left foot starts to hurt.  Specifically the joint of the big toe.  Pain, swelling, some light discoloration.

Today I can barely walk on it.

The worst part is that I don't know what I did to screw it up.  If I knew what I did I could avoid doing it in the future, or find a way to fix it.  But I have no clue.  Just pain.

Can't get in to see a doctor until Friday at the latest.  This is going to be a fun week.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Things I learn from hanging around people smarter than me

Gramsican Damage.

Indeed, the index of Soviet success is that most of us no longer think of these memes as Communist propaganda. It takes a significant amount of digging and rethinking and remembering, even for a lifelong anti-Communist like myself, to realize that there was a time (within the lifetime of my parents) when all of these ideas would have seemed alien, absurd, and repulsive to most people — at best, the beliefs of a nutty left-wing fringe, and at worst instruments of deliberate subversion intended to destroy the American way of life.

Read it.  When I call the Universities nothing more than Marxist indoctrination hives, I'm not joking.

Oh, and on the subject of the Kashoggi kerfuffle - the dude was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and Osama bin Ladin's pal.  If the Saudis didn't get to him, someone would have.  He was a member and an apologist for an Islamic terror front group that has killed thousands if not millions of people across the Middle East for not being Islamic enough.  He was going to die a brutal, violent death at some point, because he advocates for other people's brutal, violent deaths at the hands of Islamic barbarians.  So the House of Saud took him out.  Boo-freaking-hoo.  No tears over here.  Not one.  He got what he deserved, and he got it far later than he deserved it.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Let's just admit that PolitiFact is a Democrat operation

Every time they lie, it favors the Democrats.  Every.  Single.  Time.

At some point, we may have to consider the possibility that certain media fact-checkers are not so dispassionate and free from partisan biases as they’d like us to believe. 
PolitiFact has already stepped in it twice this week, publishing two false stories favoring Democratic candidates, and I suspect the rate of errors favoring Democrats isn’t going to decline the closer we get to the November midterm elections.
I mean, at this point, who exactly are they fooling?

Thursday, October 18, 2018

And more hatred from the Left

These people are fucking vile.

In a just world, someone close by would have beaten that pathetic shitwad into a bleeding lump of pain and regret.

Stay alert, people. Democrats are out there.

Well, that wasn't fun

So whatever hit me Tuesday played havoc with me yesterday.  So I apologize for the lack of posting, but yesterday was a sucky day. A very sucky day.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Rare Talent

Please, go read a few short paragraphs over at John C. Wright's blog.

Writing like that is a gift from God, both to the writer for his gift of wordcraft, and to use for being able to read it..  It needs more people to appreciate it.

Ow ow ouch

Don't know what truck ran me over, but about halfway through the day I started to hurt.  Bloating, gas, pain.  Pain has now moved to my back, and it's not going away.  We'll see how I feel tomorrow.

Monday, October 15, 2018

So, about Elizabeth Warren's DNA test


So she's 1/512th Inca?  Aztec?  Carribe?

But not Cherokee, the lying twat.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Or better yet, don't have sex with random women in public toilets

A woman in the UK was jailed for a false rape allegation:

The mother-of-three came across Mr Osborne again later that night while he waited for a lift home. 
She asked him if he wanted to have sex and the pair went into some nearby public toilets where CCTV caught her initiating sex. 
She then told him she could get him into ‘trouble’ after he refused to have a relationship with her because he had a girlfriend. 
Skinner went to another bar where she was again captured on CCTV ‘desperately looking for attention from others’, before returning to the Wetherspoons and telling bouncers Mr Osborne had raped her.

Looking at photos of the lady in question, she is in my opinion running for "Crackhead of the Month", possibly for several months in a row.  So young Mr. Osborne needs better taste in women, for one.  And step one in that better taste for women?  DO NOT HAVE SEX WITH A WOMAN YOU JUST MET IN A PUBLIC RESTROOM.  In fact, if a lady is OK with any kind of sexual activity in a public restroom, chances are you don't want anything to do with her.  If you don't have  sex with random women in a public restroom, you will greatly lower your chances of being accused of raping a woman in a public restroom.

I'm guessing she had DNA evidence, if you know what I mean.  This kid's life was about to be over.  Done.  Kaput.  Because he couldn't keep it in his pants around a woman who fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

Saturday, October 13, 2018


Well done!  About time!

Thursday, October 11, 2018

I can't remember if I posted this or not

But it's funny enough to share twice.

A group of scholars has been getting bogus studies published in peer-reviewed journals to make the point that many in academia no longer value reason when it comes to gender issues. 
Helen Pluckrose, a researcher and author; James Lindsay, who has a doctorate in math and is also an author, and philosophy professor Peter Boghossian noticed that “Something has gone wrong in the university – especially in certain fields within the humanities.” The trio set out to prove just how easy it would be to publish various studies of a dubious nature in respected journals.
I think it's safe to say that liberalism has destroyed the credibility of academic institutions in a way that they won't ever get back.

For one year, the three submitted academic papers to journals covering “cultural studies,” “identity studies” – such as gender studies – and “critical theory.” They submitted 20 papers to relevant journals. So far, seven have been accepted (four of which have already been published online), seven more are under review, and six were rejected. The scholars also say they received four offers to peer-review other papers because of their own studies.

"BUT IT WAS PEER REVIEWED IN A SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL!"  My respect for "peer reviewed" has plummeted in recent years, but it's pretty much hit rock bottom now.  I still respect the STEM fields, as you can't get away with bullshit nearly as easily as you can with the humanities.

The accepted but not yet published studies included a paper explaining that the critique of social justice is unethical, one that was nothing more than “bitter, divorced feminist” ramblings created using a “teenage angst poetry generator,” and one that rewrote part of Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” with “fashionable buzzwords.”
Now see, that last one doesn't surprise me one bit - the left is in love with National Socialism, they just won't admit it until they have the manpower for the camps and the cattle cars.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

But #BELIEVEALLWOMEN or something....

If you're a parent of a boy, here's a sickening little story out of Pennsylvania that will have your gut clenching and your sphincter puckering.

Several high school girls — dubbed "mean girls" — claimed a male student sexually assaulted them because they “just don’t like him.” Now the school district and district attorney are facing heat over the fact that neither punished the young women at all. 
Now the boy’s parents, Michael J. and Alicia Flood, are suing the parents of the five girls and the Seneca Valley School District in Pennsylvania over their son’s treatment. They say in their 26-page lawsuit their son “was forced to endure multiple court appearances, detention in a juvenile facility, detention at home, the loss of his liberty, and other damages until several of the girls reluctantly admitted that their accusations were false.”
"until several of the girls reluctantly admitted that their accusations were false."  This poor kid's life is ruined, but nobody is going to do a damn thing to the girls who made up bullshit and accused him of crimes he never did.  And you want to talk about setting back sexual equality?  This kid has learned a painful lesson that's going to stick with him for the rest of his life:  That women are mean, cruel, capricious, lying, vicious creatures from hell, and nobody will protect you from them.

I don't actually believe that all women are mean, cruel, capricious, lying vicious creatures from hell.  I'm married to the best woman on earth.  But does anyone out there really think he's going to recover from this by the time he's hit thirty?  This kid spent nine days in a detention center and weeks on house arrest all because these girls LIED.

So to all the vapid lefties out there claiming that we should #BelieveAllWomen?  Piss off.  I've been falsely accused of sexual harassment.  I've had friends falsely accused of all kinds of shit because the women knew they could get more out of the divorce proceedings if the judge thought they were dealing with a criminal father.  And we've just seen the most recent national lynching of a good man by the Left.

Tuesday, October 09, 2018


This country is spending more in illegal immigrant anchor babies than it is on building a wall to prevent more illegal immigrants and their anchor babies.

Americans are paying more to cover the costs of illegal immigrants having children in the United States than Congress plans to give President Trump in border wall funding this year, according to an explosive new analysis of Census Bureau data. 
The new report reveals that women in the United States illegally had 297,000 children in 2014 at a cost of $2.4 billion. 
That is $800 million more than the Senate has approved for Trump’s border wall this year and enough to pay for the wall over 10 years. 

I am sick and tired of watching billions upon billions of dollars get wasted on illegal alien criminals and their anchor babies.  Hey, maybe if Mexico weren't such a corrupt, socialist shithole, we wouldn't have millions of low-education, low-skill illegal aliens coming here to dump their anchor babies on to American's social services net.  But maybe, JUST MAYBE if we build the damn wall and enforced our immigration laws, Mexico wouldn't be able to keep exporting their problems to America, and they might have to ACTUALLY FIX IT THEMSELVES.

Of course, with Mexico's new communist president, I expect to see the problems multiply.  And of course it's going to be America picking up the bill once all is said and done.


The Center for Immigration Studies report also put a price on the likely Medicaid bill for childbirth and early care to illegal and legal immigrants combined, at $5.3 billion. That is one-fifth the total cost of building the border wall.
We have homeless vets with serious mental problems that $5.3 billion could really help.  But gosh, let's waste it on illegal aliens and their anchor babies!  How many laws do I get to break and have the government essentially hand me wads of cash?  None?  Huh, I guess that's because I'm just a law-abiding schmuck that the government uses to obtain their money that they give to illegal alien criminals and their anchor babies!

Lordy, this immigration bullshit pisses me off.  BUILD THE FUCKING WALL!  ENFORCE THE FUCKING LAW!  SEND!  THEM!  BACK!

Monday, October 08, 2018

It's things like this that make me go to the range more often

"All Republicans Must Go"?  Huh.  Seems like the Democrats love of National Socialism is creeping up to the forefront again.

Happy Columbus Day!

If you go to San Juan, Puerto Rico, you'll find quite a few statues of the fellow, often in plazas named after him.  It seems our brown brothers and sisters haven't yet been infected with the mental disease that makes you hate your existence and the men who made it possible.

Of course, they're not all that fond of Whitey either, but hey, you take what you can get.

Probably going to do some range time this afternoon, once I shake the sleep out of my eyes.  Stayed up way to late last night, but it was a good time with good people, so it was worth it. 

Saturday, October 06, 2018

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh

Booyah, baby.

The U.S. Senate, in a 50-48 vote Saturday, confirmed President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh to the nation's highest court. 
The vote was largely on party lines, with the exception of Sen. Joe Manchin (D., W.Va.), who was the lone Democrat to vote for Kavanaugh. Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) announced on Friday she would vote no on Kavanaugh but voted "present" on the final vote to offset her colleague Sen. Steve Daines' (R., Mont.) absence.

Murkowski needs to be premiered the next go-round.  Manchin is desperately trying to hold on to his seat in West BY GOD Virginia.

Just wait till Ginsburg kicks the bucket, and Trump gets to appoint a third justice.

By the way, any Never-Trumpers out there:  Had things gone your way, Hillary Clinton would be appointing these judges.  How's that taste, eh?

#StayStrapped. There are Democrats out there.

Thanks to the miracles of modern medicine, Democratic Party activists have not yet murdered any Republican politicians. Steve Scalise is still alive, and the Democratic Party press is trying hard to make us forget rabid Democrat James Hodgkinson. But the Democrats’ hysteria over the Supreme Court–which actually has little to do with moderate nominee Brett Kavanaugh–has suffused Washington, D.C. with threats of violence.


Friday, October 05, 2018

Dear drivers in Mississippi

I want you to do something for me.  Take your left hand.  Place it on the steering wheel.  Slide your hand up or down until you're at the "9 o'clock" position.  Got it there?  Great.  Now extend your fingers.  Feel that little thing there?  That knob sticking out of the steering column?  That little knob there is how you activate your turn signals.

What are these mysterious turn signals, you ask?  They're lights that blink on one side of the car or another, depending on which way you move that knob, that lets other drivers know which way you want to go, so that we can get the *&^@ out of the way.  I know, right?  It's like magic!

To use these magical turn signals, all you have to do is move the knob up for Right, or down for Left.  Yes, all cars have them.  Trucks have them.  Even motorcycles have them.  I know, it's mind blowing.  Given that you've never extended a finger on your left hand and discovered this magical, mysterious knob prior to now, you might never have experienced the use of a turn signal before.  Based on what I can tell, you never knew that such a fantastical creation existed on your vehicle, but I'm here to tell you that the turn signal has been in use on vehicles for decades.  And you can use them!

So the next time you want to careen across four lanes of traffic to your exit while blaring rap music, weed smoke blowing out your windows like a San Francisco fog, just make sure to use that other-worldly device known as the turn signal, and that way I can avoid almost getting turned into road pizza, m'kay?

And that goes for the rest of you people in Mississippi.  Holy hell people, the technology was in use when my father was learning to drive.  Maybe try to keep up with the times?

Oh please oh please oh please oh please....

I want this to be true so badly I can taste it.

It's long past time that these crooks, criminals, shysters and corrupt asshats begin to pay a price for their crimes.

Thursday, October 04, 2018

We knew this. It's now confirmed.

Kavanaugh is innocent.  There's not a single shred of proof that he did anything with any girl.  Dr. Christine Bullshit Ford may have been raped at some point in the past, but it wasn't by Kavanaugh.

A source familiar with the supplemental report told Fox News it shows no evidence corroborating the allegations of sexual assault or misconduct against the nominee. Other specifics from the report were not immediately available, but Fox News is told the review included interviews with nine people, along with a sworn statement from another. 

But again - we knew this.

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Christine Bullshit Ford coached her friend on how to beat a polygraph

Huh.  Go figure.

The prosecutor who questioned Dr Bullshit Ford, Rachel Mitchell, asked the lying Dr. "Have you ever given tips or advice to somebody who was looking to take a polygraph test?" To which Dr. Bullshit Ford answered "No."

I wonder how long the GOP knew about Dr. Bullshit Ford's pal, and what his letter was going to say.  Hmmmmm.....

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

That would be because they are, in fact, part of the Democrat Party.

Trump to media:  I see your bullshit, and I'm calling your bullshit, you Democrat shills.  OK, maybe he didn't say it quite like that.  Maybe I just made it up.  If I did just make it up, that qualifies me to be whatever passes for a "journalist these days.

A combative President Trump initially deflected questions about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh during a White House press conference on trade, and also accused reporters of working for the Democratic Party. 
During an extended attack on Democrats for their handling of Kavanaugh, Trump accused the media of taking the party’s side.  
“I consider you a part of the Democrat Party,” Trump said.  
Trump shot down questions three times from reporters on Kavanaugh following remarks in the Rose Garden, instead demanding they first ask questions about the newly negotiated version of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).
The media is nothing more than the Democrat Party Stenographer Pool.  They are lickspittles and lapdogs for the DNC.  Period.  We Normals have waited decades for someone to finally start treating the press with the disrespect they deserve, and quite frankly while I understand that President Trump is restrained by decorum, I wouldn't be half as nice to those DNC hacks as he is.

Monday, October 01, 2018

Killing the Americans that Americans don't want to kill

Or - This is what they do in their countries, this is what they will do, and are doing, in ours.

An illegal alien who had been deported for child sex crimes was convicted and sentenced to 50 years in prison for shooting and killing a beloved Parlier, California, football coach who leaves behind six children and a wife. 
Joel Valera, a deported illegal alien, was convicted and sentenced after he shot and killed 40-year-old Arthur Gomez Jr. who was a pillar of the Parlier community, volunteering as a youth football coach.

Note that this happened in actual California - farm country, not the filthy disgusting cesspools like L.A. or S.F. that force the rest of the state to deal with illegal aliens and their crime.

Back to life, back to reality

Back to the drudgery of a desk with a computer and a couple monitors.  I hate desk work.  I hate admin work.  I hate doing all the work so that other, younger people can go do the things that I want to do.  And quite honestly, I'm looking forward to retirement more and more every time I fire up the computer and check my work email.

I'm not going to quit working, I just don't ever want to make my living doing data analysis and spreadsheets and running administrative paperwork back and forth.  That's not my idea of fun.  Not at all.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

S'truth, y'all

And Southern Alexa would probably warn you about them rat-bastard commies listening in, too.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Busy today

Teaching a class.  Enjoy the blogs on the sidebar!

Updated:  Five students started, five students graduated.  One of them started the day unable to keep a motorcycle running, and ended not even being the worst one at the test.  This is why I do this.  I'm in pain right now, with the Mrs. rubbing liniment on my knees and feet, but I was able to get someone who couldn't sit on a motorcycle without falling over at the beginning of the day to be able to navigate the riding test and pass well within the threshold of error by the time the day was done.

Watching people just...  get it.  Clutch and throttle, balance and input.  A guy who couldn't even keep a bike running was able to pass a riding test.

There's something joyous about that.  Yeah, I get paid to teach, but the money isn't worth it.  Watching people grow....  that's worth it.  Knowing that this kid will be able to ride, and keep himself in one piece and enjoy himself because I taught him how to do it...  THAT is worth it.  Knowing that this group is going to keep riding, and stay alive. 

I'm going to hurt for a day or two. 

Friday, September 28, 2018

Your blood pressure a little low? Read this:

The Average American Family spends more on TAXES than on food and clothing combined.

“Consumer units” (which include families, financially independent individuals, and people living in a single household who share expenses) spent an average of $9,562 on food and clothing in 2017, according to BLS. 
But they spent $16,749 on federal, state and local taxes.

And given how much food costs these days, that's saying something. 

Now, I would say that the state you live in makes a huge difference.  My house in Wisconsin, which is just under 1000 square feet and on 1/4 of an acre in a rural town makes me pay more property taxes than my parent's home which is over twice as large and sits on over 20 acres of land.  My house is valued at roughly one-quarter of what my parent's property is, but I pay more property taxes.  Think about that.

Gas taxes.  Kalifornia's gas tax is 69¢ per gallon.  Idaho is 43.4¢.  If a person in each state used ten gallons of gas each week, then the person in Idaho is paying $2.56 less each week for gas.  $133.12 per year.  (Cheapest gas tax?  Alaska.  26.4¢ per gallon)

But still, forcing the average family to pay more to the government than they pay to feed and clothe themselves might just explain why this country is so damn screwed up.  And then when you realize that this country is spending far more than it takes in?  Red Curtain Of Blood.

Things that cannot go on forever, won't.  There's going to be a massive crash.  Hell, it might coincide with Civil War v.2.  Buy guns and ammo.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

And speaking of backstabbing shitweasels, Jorge Bergolio just sold out Chinese Catholics

What else would you expect from a pro-pedophile communist twatwaffle?

Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Pope Francis’ secretary of state, went on air to intone that “today, for the first time, all the bishops in China are in communion with the bishop of Rome, the successor of Peter.” It would be more accurate to state that, for the first time, the Holy See is in communion with the CCP. 
Left unsaid is what has been known for some time: that agreement with Beijing allows the regime virtually full control over bishop selections. The Vatican’s right of veto is a fig leaf over the fact that the CCP retains the option of ignoring a veto if it chooses.
It seems that Jorge Bergolio won't be happy until the entire Catholic Church is destroyed and in ruins.

The College of Congressional Clowns Convenes Again

Today.  Where Dr. Bullshitter will sit and utter more lies against a good man, while the Democrats do their best to destroy him simply because he actually believes the Constitution says what it says and not anything else.

And if the GOP lets the Left get away with their despicable behavior, they're done.  Cooked.  Through.

What’s baffling is that the Republicans, the party that actually holds all the major branches of government, is cowering and acting like a minority party. What is the purpose of winning elections if one cannot pass one’s flagship policies, and why would people trust Republicans if they cave in and cannot defend a man from uncorroborated character assassination? What is conservative about tolerating hooliganism and chaos? 
There’s no greater sin than condemning an innocent man without evidence. There’s no greater cowardice than caving in to mob pressure. Nothing is conservative about either of those two, and if the Senate Republicans cannot hold their line, be stoic and disciplined, and confirm Kavanaugh, they deserve every public wrath they will face.

The GOP might have a very good mid-term.  They might have a very bad one.  A lot depends on how hard they push back against the lies, the smears, and the fake accusations put forward by the Democrat Party.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The best summation of Trump's UN Speech EVAH!

Check it out here.

Ten Red Flags about Sexual Assault Claims

Also known as "The Rule of Law".

It’s not nice or politically correct to say, but people do sometimes lie to get money, revenge, power, attention, or political advantage. False allegations of sexual assault have been documented. Even the most pro-accuser advocates acknowledge that 5 percent of the claims are simply false. 
When the complaint is “he said/she said,” we should not helplessly acquiesce to coin-flip justice that picks winners and losers based upon the identity politics profile of the accused and accuser. Experience with a career’s worth of complaints in hearings, depositions, and negotiations has taught me some tells, red flags that warn that an innocent person stands accused.

I have been falsely accused of sexual harassment before, when I worked at the EMP in Seattle.  Luckily, that place has cameras everywhere, and my boss was able to observe the supposed harassment, and then went to his boss and said "This is utter and complete bullshit."  But suppose there had been no video?  In today's current climate, I would have been screwed.  In retrospect, this is probably one of the reasons I'm so opposed to working with females.  Yeah, 95% of them wouldn't do that.  But 5% would, and that's enough to ruin my career and my life.

Thanks, but no thanks. 


Been on leave since Monday.  Haven't done a damn thing except clean up around the house and sit on my ass.  I've been enjoying it.  Right now I'm having a cigar and coffee after my run, listening to the rain patter on my porch umbrella.  I'm also watching the hummingbirds as they slurp up the food from the multiple feeders we have out back.

Later today, range time with the Mrs.  It's a hard life, but someone has to live it.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Not really news, but still worth posting: Gummit fucked up again

All their weeping and wailing about cholesterol?  Yeah, they were wrong.

A comprehensive new study on cholesterol, based on results from more than a million patients, could help upend decades of government advice about diet, nutrition, health, prevention, and medication. Just don't hold your breath. 
The study, published in the Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacology, centers on statins, a class of drugs used to lower levels of LDL-C, the so-called "bad" cholesterol, in the human body. According to the study, statins are pointless for most people. 
"No evidence exists to prove that having high levels of bad cholesterol causes heart disease, leading physicians have claimed" in the study, reports the Daily Mail. The Expresslikewise says the new study finds "no evidence that high levels of 'bad' cholesterol cause heart disease."

My mom liked to point out that her father died with a cholesterol count somewhere between 300-400....  at the age of 93.  Grand-dad was Italian, and he ate his pasta and drank his wine and chowed down on olives and steaks and the like.  He also stayed busy, worked constantly and never allowed himself to develop a gut.  (Well, no more than any man in his 70s or 80s has.  But he was never fat.)

Getting up and moving is what keeps you healthy.  EATING REAL FOOD is what keeps you healthy.  All of the hysterical whining about diet from the government was followed by what?  The obesity epidemic

The government couldn't run a whore-house and make a profit.  Why the hell does anyone think they have a better understanding of nutrition?

The key phrase here is "Olympia resident"

The Ragin' Mrs apparently thought that she would have a giggle by raising my blood pressure, so she sent me this news article:

A Washington State Patrol trooper was confronted with occupational difficulties earlier this month while attempting to pull over a woman driving a Toyota Prius with expired tags. The woman, 42-year old Jamie Petrozzi, was headed southbound on I-5 through Marysville two Wednesdays ago when the trooper turned on his lights and attempted a traffic stop. 
The driver made no attempt to stop on the highway and, instead, exited a mile later before finally stopping at an intersection. From here, the highway patrolman ordered her to pull over using his loudspeaker. Petrozzi declined to cooperate, forcing the trooper to approach the side of the car and instruct her to pull off the road. “I will not,” she said, according to the arrest report. “I drive a Prius. I am not pulling over there.” 

Crap like this is why I am not in law enforcement.  There would be multiple videos of me dragging brain-damaged hags like this out of their cars by their hair, and then giving them a pepper-spray facial.

Rather than conducting the traffic stop at her current location, the Olympia resident said she would instead pull into a nearby parking lot to conduct her business with police. After a fourth refusal to pull over, she was arrested. 
According to Everett’s The Daily Herald, which was shared with us via Jalopnik, the woman refused to leave her vehicle when asked and went into a fury when taken into custody. “I will own your bank account. I will own your house,” she was reported to have said.

That's right along with the "I PAY YOUR SALARY!" line of bullshit that every cop just luuuuuuuuuurves to hear.

The police report alleges Petrozzi said she refused to move to the shoulder because her tires keep “popping,” which apparently, in her mind, had something to do with its status as a Prius. We think the only thing that was popping was the driver’s bad attitude. However, if her vehicle was suffering from some kind of audible issue, that only makes her unwillingness to stop even more confounding. Petrozzi was arrested for failing to obey instructions, refusing to identify herself, and obstruction — all of which are misdemeanors.
Liberalism is a mental disorder, and quite honestly this woman seems to be nuttier than squirrel turds.  Not pulling over because your tires keep "popping"?  I've been around a Prius before - they have the same tires any other car has.  So either she's just tossing off a bullshit line, or she's driving where she shouldn't drive, or she honestly thinks that the space aliens keep doing it.  Either way, this is the kind of driver that would have had me calling the SDO and requesting permission to drag her from her car.

I did love the Seattle area.  I loved the weather.  I loved the food.  I loved the mountains and the forests and the water, but the people there are bat-shit crazy.  Just like this old broad.  I didn't want to live next to crazy.  It was a relief when we left, like a weight was lifted off of our chests, and we didn't have to deal with the crackheads and the nutcases anymore.  Trust me on this - this woman from Olympia is not an outlier.  This is pretty much normal Olympia.  SondraK was the outlier, before she up and moved further way.  I think she got tired of the crazy too.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Apparently, she was just supposed to let them die

Letting animals drown and die of infection is just the name of "things we do together", right?

“Our mission was to save as many animals from the flood that we could," Hedges said. "We went through Hurricane Matthew and it was horrible. There were many preventable deaths.” 
She said an elderly couple dropped off 18 of the animals, some of which were sick and injured, just before the storm. 
On Monday, after Florence passed, Hedges got a call from Wayne County Animal Control regarding the animals. 
“He basically told me, 'You can voluntarily hand over the animals, or I can go get a warrant,' " Hedges said. 
She willingly surrendered the animals. 
"A few days later they called me in for questioning and yesterday they arrested me," Hedges said. 
The charges included 12 counts of practicing medicine without a veterinary license.

I'm thinking of calling Wayne County, North Carolina and letting them know of my displeasure with their actions, and how I won't be conducting any business in their county until they just leave this woman alone.  SHE did the right thing.  THEY are a group of stupid, ego-maniacal, ass-hatted thundercunts who should have never once taken any action against a woman who was saving pets from a hurricane and the subsequent flooding.

No, the US does not lead the world in mass shootings.

We're actually below-average, which is a good thing in these cases.

A paper on mass public shootings by Adam Lankford (2016) has received massive national and international media attention, getting coverage in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, plus hundreds of other news outlets spanning at least 35 different countries. Lankford’s claim was that over the 47 years from 1966 to 2012, an enormous amount of the world’s mass public shooters -- 31% -- occurred in the United States. Lankford attributed this to America’s gun ownership. 
Lankford claims to have “complete” data on such shooters in 171 countries. However, because he has neither identified the cases nor their location nor even a complete description on how he put the cases together, it is impossible to replicate his findings.

Emphasis mine.  This is not how you do science.  This is not how you publish information.  This is how you build a crack-pot theory to justify your political beliefs.

And of course, it's not limited to just this political hack.  Less than 40% of published studies can be replicated.  As the world of science gets more and more politicized, it's no shock that it gets shoddier and shoddier as so-called "scientists" push to confirm their bias rather than find the truth. 

When you hear people blather on about how the US leads the world in mass shootings, point out to them that they are wrong, and they're not doing themselves any favors.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

It ain't "tactical", you marketing nimrods

Went to Bass Pro yesterday, looking to find some cheap range ammo and maybe a few other odds and ends.  The Mrs. wants her own range bag.  Cool.  We can do this.  I find some steel-cased Winchester ammo for under $10 a box, so I now have a couple of those to see how the gun likes it.  And the Mrs. went bag shopping.

One of the displays was a TACTICAL range bag.  All black, of course.  Lots of pockets.  Spots for this and that.  And it's all TACTICAL, with MOLLE and VELCRO and stuff.  $60.

Down on the other end of that section were some Cabela's mini-duffle bags.  If'n ya don't know, Bass Pro bought Cabelas, so they're one and the same now.  Anyways, mini duffle bags.  They can accommodate a 10" pistol case, several boxes of ammo, a cleaning kit, eyes & ears, and a few odds and ends.  Multiple colors.  $12.  The Mrs. snagged two of them, one for her range bag and one for her luggage set because it's carry-on sized. 

I gave her a little crap about it, just for fun.  "But honey, they aren't (fingers making air quotes) TACTICAL!"

Her:  "Screw that!  I'm not stupid enough to spend $60 for a $12 bag!"

So yeah, now she's got a bag.  All we have to do is buy the pistol to put in it.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Man sacked from college position for telling the truth.

Women do not have penises.

A student editor at a top university has been fired in a transphobia row after he tweeted that 'women don't have penises'. 
Angelos Sofocleous, assistant editor at Durham University's philosophy journal 'Critique', was sacked from his post after just three days for writing a tweet deemed 'transphobic' by fellow students. 
Mr Sofocleous, 24, from Cyprus, faced disciplinary action last month after he re-tweeted an article by The Spectator on his Twitter titled 'Is it a crime to say women don't have penises?', with the comment: 'RT if women don't have penises'.  
Women do not have penises.  Transgenderism is a mental illness that society has allowed to become expressed in public. 

Women cannot have penises.  Men cannot have vaginas.  This is simple truth.  That people are getting fired for saying simple truth shows you how far down the path of societal destruction we have traveled.