Day by Day

Thursday, November 09, 2017


So, I'm reading the online version of the New York Post.  And floating at the top of the page is a story "Actors say Rude Audiences are Ruining Broadway".

Down below that, there are a couple of other articles.  Such as....

"Neil Patrick Harris makes Religion jokes at an AIDS gala held in a Church".


"CMA Hosts Underwood, Paisley, poke fun at Trump".

Huh.  I wonder where these Broadway audiences, most of whom are liberal, ever got the idea that it was OK to be rude?  Gosh, it's a mystery.


Deserttrek said...

not a country music fan so my not listening or watching doesn't matter
I do wonder WTF is going through their minds? There must be a stupid virus infecting 90% of all levels of show biz. Insult your audience, especially a country audience, dumb , dumb, dumb. Did these twits ever hear of the Dixie chicks?
Also wearing a cowboy hat or any hat indoors is the mark of an ill educated jerk without manners, or needs to wear a rug. A real man takes his hat OFF when going indoors.

Ragin' Dave said...

I've never really been an Underwood fan, unless you're talking about Sara. Ahem.

Paisley lost his mojo when he stared getting political. The music took a back seat to the message, and it showed. His old stuff is lights out awesome. His new stuff is fading from memory the day it's released.