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Monday, September 04, 2017

The Cancer inside the GOP

Paul Ryan is just another tumor growing from it.

Yeah, so after nearly two years of tiresome finger-wagging about “the Rule of Law” and how we need to put our “principles” above our desire for “winning,” the whole sordid scam we always knew it always was is revealed for the world to see. They can’t hide it anymore and they aren’t even trying. Their glorious “conservative principles” aren’t principles at all but a skeevy ploy designed to tie our hands and keep us from pursuing policy goals our establishment coalition partners disfavor. They want open borders. They want illegals. They want cheap foreign labor that doesn’t get uppity to man their donors’ corporations so the Captains of Crony Capitalism don’t have to fuss with American workers who won’t tolerate being treated like chattel. Yeah, “we’re better than that” all right – if you mean that we are better than enforcing the laws the American people passed through a constitutional process if the ruling class decides it doesn’t like them.

As of right now, the GOP has fought harder to keep DACA and allow hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to stay in this country than they fought to repeal Obamacare, which they promised for years they were going to get rid of.

So in short, the GOP, especially the GOP leadership, is a bunch of gutless, pathetic, big-government nanny-state LIARS.

Paul Ryan might has well paint his face orange and call himself John Boehner.  Mitch McConnell is still doing more damage to the GOP than the Democrats could have ever hoped to do on their own, and the voters who expected the GOP to do the things they said they would do are furious.  It's almost like the GOP wants to give congress back to the American Communist Party in 2018.

The good thing is that Paul Ryan has a primary challenger and it looks like the challenger is doing rather well.  Huh.  Go figure!

And I don't want to hear ONE DAMN WORD about what a "conservative" is from these lying fucking shitheads.  They haven't conserved ONE DAMN THING.  You want to know why the Alt-Right is growing?  Because the Republican Party has become nothing but the Democrat-Lite Party, and everybody knows it.  Why vote for the same poison just because it'll kill you in twice the time?

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Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for putting up on the web what is apparent to far too few of the voters in this troubled land- the fact of the Never Trump "Republicans" who are poisoning the process to uselessness. THIS is why they craft no viable replacements to Obamacare, THIS is why they fail to bring tax reform. THIS is why they care not a whit about the Constitution. THIS is why the mounting evidence of Nancy Pelosi's presentation of signs and symptoms consistent with Dementia are ignored ( Can't work with President Bush? Yell "wolf!" in a crowded theater? And yet, a "Master Legislator"? )and THAT is what they are concerned about getting a Bipartisan view from?- but, I digress.