Day by Day

Thursday, September 07, 2017

So apparently Trump "cut a deal" on the debt ceiling with the Democrats

Not great.  Not good optics.  But since Ryan and McConnell had already announced their surrender on the debt ceiling, exactly what should Trump have done?

The shitshow that is currently unfolding in D.C. is entirely the fault of the GOP refusing to lift one damn finger to do what they promised to do.  We know what the Democrats will do.  We know what they want.  They're communists, Marxists and tyrants.  The GOP was supposed to be the opposition, not the doormats for the Marxist commies.

At this point, if Trump can get rid of Ryan and/or McConnell, that would be a YUGE win for us.


Deserttrek said...

I voted to drain the swamp , paul and mitch are the swamp. they are so in the tank for the chamber of commerce of the other anti American interests that they will gladly destroy rather than work with the President to fix the country

OC said...

Shortly after Trump was elected I was telling anyone who would listen that Trumps biggest enemies would be the RINOs and GOP-e.

I hope we can primary the shite out 'em.