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Wednesday, August 09, 2017


Since 1979.

As the above chart shows, spending has been growing by leaps and bounds but the performance of the schools, as measured by the reading, math, and science scores of the students has not measurably improved. 
One would presume that the purpose of the Department of Education would be to improve the education of American students so they would graduate possessing greater knowledge of core subjects like reading, math, science, and history.  One would presume. 
Whatever the Department of Education is doing, it is not working.  The improvement has simply not been happening. 
They have had thirty-eight years and one and a half trillion dollars to improve things.  They have had Democrat and Republican appointees both in charge.  They have had more liberal and less liberal Congresses passing budgets (or at least continuing resolutions).  They have had every possible chance to show that they can actually make our schools better. 
They have failed.

It's time to shutter the Department of "Education", and return all decisions to the states and cities.  If California wants to continue paying "Diversity Officers" six-figure salaries, let 'em.  But make California pay for it.  Let the rest of the country do things that actually work.

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