Day by Day

Monday, July 24, 2017

This is going to be fun!

Debbie Stabenow - 26%, Kid Rock, 30%

Undecideds - 44%

I can hear the howls now - He's unprepared!  He's unqualified!  He's not one of the SERIOUS people!  He doesn't know what he's doing!  He doesn't have the right CREDENTIALS!  He's this and that and the other thing!

I'd just like to point out that the "qualified" people, the "serious" people, our self-proclaimed rulers, have managed to fuck things up so badly that we are $20 trillion in debt as a government with trillions upon trillions more in unfunded liabilities, and personal debt skyrocketing and ready to pass government debt.  On top of that our tax laws resemble he world's largest string of Christmas Tree lights that were rolled up and shoved in the garage back in 1957, our economy is sputtering when it should be roaring, and the people who made promise after promise to fix things have only made them worse.

When I look at the gigantic clusterfuck that is the US Government, my thought is "Why NOT Kid Rock?"  The people who call themselves elite in this country have proven to be anything but.  So why not put a guy with some common sense into office?


Anonymous said...

I think I just might move to Michigan so I could vote for him!

pigpen51 said...

I already live in Michigan, and I have been waiting for a breath of fresh air like Kid Rock so I can get rid of Debbie Stab us in the Back. Never liked her, and her follow the party line way of voting. I have contacted her on many occasions and always get a form letter. I have never given money to a political campaign, but for Kid Rock, I am making an exception. I might even volunteer. I have seen on FB some of the things he has done to help Michigan, and also our wounded military veterans, and I would be proud to have him as my Senator.