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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The name Logan Huysman should be put out there

As a special little snowflake who thinks she can assault a cop and then lie about it on social media.

Burlington, VT – 18-year-old Logan Huysman took to social media after her arrest, claiming that Burlington police sexually assaulted her. She even showed off bruises on her arms as proof. In response, Chief Brandon del Pozo released the bodycam footage which showed an impaired Huysman acting disorderly, assaulting police officers, and more (video below.) 
Not only that, but Chief Brandon del Pozo even responded directly to the girl’s Facebook post, prompting a wave of outrage at the girl’s behavior which resulted in her deleting the post.

Personally I think it was a brilliant move by the Chief, and probably garnered him more loyalty from his cops than anything else he could have done.

But of course, the rancid anal drippings known as the ACLU are upset about it.

The ACLU is not happy that the chief released facts about the case in order to counter lies spread by Logan Huysman, accusing him of using facts to “shut down conversations.”

Here's a clue for the prolapsed hemorrhoids of the ACLU:  You don't "shut down a conversation" with facts.  If facts "shut down conversation", then it wasn't really a conversation to begin with.  It was a SMEAR JOB based on LIES from a triggered little snowflake who thinks she's above the law.

I'm rather sick and tired of the ACLU.

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