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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Pathetic, gutless little bitch Chris Cuomo

Who wouldn't have a job if his fucking mob boss of a father wasn't governor of New York, likes to act like a tough guy on TV when he's sitting protected in a studio.

Co-host of CNN’s “New Day” Chris Cuomo deleted a tweet Wednesday in which he proposed revealing the identity of the Reddit user who posted the CNN wrestling video of President Donald Trump.

Pathetic gutless little bitch Chris Cuomo, who's somewhat smarter than a rotting possum carcass (but not by much) must have had a lawyer come talk to him after he tweeted that.

Cuomo characterized Trump’s attempts to hit back at CNN via social media as an attack on the press and said that Trump was trying to make the media an “enemy of the state.”

Pathetic gutless little bitch Chris Cuomo, who has ridden his daddy's coattails to any success he's had, apparently doesn't realize that the internet is forever.

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0007 said...

Trump doesn't have to try to make the media an enemy of the state, the media has been and continues doing an excellent job of that with out any help from anyone outside of themselves. And at least 50% of us DO. NOT. CARE.