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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Michael Mann fucked up one time too many

The creator of the "hockey stick" graph, who has never allowed any of his data to be inspected, has finally stepped on his dick in a way that's going to hurt him the most.

The inventor of the hockey stick graph, Penn State Professor Michael Mann, is in hot water in Canada over a lawsuit he filed against a climatologist, Dr. Tim Ball, one of his main critics. The results of this lawsuit have wide-ranging implications for everything from the validity of his hockey stick graph as proof of man-made global warming, to the right of free expression. 
Mann is allegedly in contempt of court for refusing discovery to the person he's suing for defamation. Dr. Ball claims he agreed to an adjournment of the court proceedings on the condition that Mann turns over all the data used to create his hockey stick graph that purports to show a spike in global warming in the twentieth century. The discovery of this data is vital to Ball's defense, as he has criticized the methodology used to create the graph. 
Mann's refusal to comply with this aspect of discovery has been hailed by some as proof that the data behind the hockey stick graph doesn't exist, and the graph is a fraud. While it may be premature to make such a sweeping declaration, Mann's purported refusal to cooperate in this legal proceeding is damning.
Michael Mann apparently sues actual scientists who dare to speak out against the blatant fraud and bullshit that he peddles.  This time, someone got pissed off enough that they walked into court and are now putting that pathetic hack Michael Mann in quite a bind:  Either he turns over the information he's refused to allow anyone to look at, or withdraw his lawsuit, at which point the victim can then turn around and sue his pants off.

Michael Mann is a fraud, a huckster, a bullshitter, a snake-oil salesman, a con artist, and quite frankly he deserves to be in jail.  If this is what lands him there, I'm perfectly fine with that.  If it financially ruins him, I'm fine with that as well.  If it hounds him out of any other kind of public affairs, I'm fine with that too.

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