Day by Day

Friday, July 28, 2017

In other news, Water is still Wet

Protests top reason viewers turned away from NFL games last year.  Don't worry, that link goes to Twitchy, not CommiESPN.

I know that for myself, after the protests were not only encouraged, but promoted by various leftist networks, I just stopped watching.  I wear a flag on my right arm.  I won't watch any event where rich, spoiled, pampered shits disrespect that flag.

However, my hockey viewing did go up.


Francis W. Porretto said...

Hockey and baseball are the only pro sports worth watching. The others are dominated by the fathers of multiple illegitimate children and convicted felons.

(What's that you say? Those other pro sports are also dominated by blacks? What an incredible surprise!)

Deserttrek said...

the nfl is not allowed in my home. taxpayer subsidized millionaires are no different than planned parenthood.
they should ALL pay their own way.