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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Flipping through radio stations yesterday

As I went on my rounds of various things I had to accomplish, and came across a sports station.

Turns out it was ESPN.

I found that out after two minutes when, after listening to some worthless wanking asscannon go on and on about Colin Kaepernick, I shouted "Oh, FUCK YOU, you dumb-ass fucking fucker!" and changed the channel.  Looked up the station numbers after I got home and found out what station it was.  I had not listened to the ESPN in so long that I didn't have it programmed into my new car; just hitting the "scan" button got me there.  And it reminded me of why I no longer have ESPN programmed into my car.  I do not want or need to be lectured on politics by some brain-dead fuckwit who couldn't find Idaho on a map.

ESPN can just hurry up and die.

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