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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

As if we didn't already know the ACLU is a pathetic joke

They don't care about civility or about liberties, and I hesitate to call them "American".  About the only true word in their name is "Union".  But this tweet they sharted out just pins the red nose on their particular clown.

This level of fuckwitted dumbassery cannot be reached without large amounts of drugs, in my opinion.  Linda Sarsour is a terrorist-loving, sharia law pushing musloid who claims to be for women while at the same time pushing for a system of law that makes women into second class citizens.

And the ACLU apparently loves her to pieces.  Which is funny, because Linda Sarsour loves people who blow innocent victims into pieces.

We've entered into a madness period, and I don't know who's coming out the other side.

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