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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Raising the minimum wage makes people poorer

Yep.  And there's no way the Leftists can hide it now that they've enforced it in multiple cities.

If you make it more expensive to hire and employ people, less people will be hired and employed.  The moment it's cheaper for a restaurant to buy a robot to do a person's job, they'll buy the robot.  Because in the end, if it's too expensive to have employees, you'll either completely automate or go out of business.

But most Leftists are so removed from economic reality that they cannot grasp this basic, fundamental fact.  But their Marxist professors in college said that raising the minimum wage is magic!  It makes jobs!  Out of thin air and unicorn farts!

The people who actually understand business, especially small businesses, knew that jacking up the minimum wage would be an economic disaster, especially for low-skilled labor.  But hey, now that people are losing their jobs and making less, the Left and once again turn and point and shriek about how evil those OTHER people are.

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