Day by Day

Monday, June 19, 2017

I didn't look at a single bit of politics yesterday

Up early, went to church.  Heard a good sermon.  Changed clothing, drove down to Colonial Williamsburg.  We have a guest in the house who hasn't been East of Idaho in his life, so we're giving him a tour.  Spent the day walking around, taking tours.  Today will be downtown Richmond, museums, etc.

Kinda nice being unplugged for a bit.


neal said...

Where I used to roam as a dumb kid was turned into some damned recreation of VA by Lex Wexner back in the day.
Used to hunt and fish there, and now they put in a damned polo field.

New Albany, Ohio. Now being integrated with Somalis.

Been to the real thing. And I thought that damned place was haunted. I guess the body bags have not changed much.

Ragin' Dave said...

Why recreate Virginia when you can just go there? Ohio isn't so far away.

And I hardly recognize my hometown anymore. When we first moved to CdA, lo these many years ago, there was one, as in a singular, solo, no other but this one stoplight on Highway 95. Now you can't go ten feet without another stoplight, and another shopping area, and more houses, etc etc etc.