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Friday, May 19, 2017

The kids are not alright

The kids are being indoctrinated into unthinking social justice drones.

Millions of K-12 students across the country believe that mathematics is a sadistic discipline—(I should know, I was one of them)—but a new "social justice" training module aims to persuade teachers that maybe the kids are on to something. 
The course was designed by Teach for America and is offered through EdX, according to Campus Reform.It presupposes that math could be made more interesting for students if it was infused with socially relevant themes. 

This is nothing more than indoctrination to Leftist group-think.  Period.

But Teach for America thinks that language is "social justice," and has designed a course that makes some startling claims about math. 
"In western mathematics, our ways of knowing include formalized reasoning or proof, decontextualization, and algorithmic thinking, leaving little room for those having non-western mathematical skills and thinking processes," the training course claims.

I want to find this fucker who makes this shit up and drag him behind a car until there's nothing left but a bloody rope.  Math doesn't have an "East" or "West".  2+2=4 no matter where you live.  It's universal.  If  c, then b will always equal a.  It doesn't matter what culture this takes place in, and people who claim to have a different understanding of math are fucking liars trying to sell you bullshit.

And then people wonder why kids these days can't even count back change.  Maybe because they've been taught that 1 + 2 = indigenous people weeping while white oppressors steal their land and rape their women.

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p2 said...

gimme enuff beer and i can develop courses too. im about ready to retire anyway...i should get drunk, come up with a bulllshit course or 6, get a federal grant and live out my years in luxury.....