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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

The GOP once again does what the Democrats want

Rush asks the question "Why are we voting Republican if this is what we get?"

Excellent question, Sir.

Paul Ryan, who's turning out even worse than John Boehner at advancing Republican interests, just gave the Democrats EVERYTHING THEY WANTED in this budget extension.  No, I can't even all it that because we haven't had a budget in close to a decade now.  We've had a series of bills that keep stringing the government along bit by bit.  But the Democrats got everything they wanted, including funding of Obamacare, while they put explicit wording in the bill that they will not fund a fucking wall on our Southern border.

So, to recap - the one single thing that pushed Trump over the top in the election is now explicitly being denied, while everything the Democrats want is good to go.  THAT is the GOP's idea of a good bill?

Republicans have the House, Senate and White House, historic majorities in the states, and they still quiver like little bitches and do what the Democrats tell them to do.

Once Paul Ryan has removed his mouth from Chuck Schumer's cock, I'd like to have a word with him.  In private.  Somewhere nobody can hear him scream.

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