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Monday, May 22, 2017

The Catholic Church is in deep doo-doo

Jorge Bergolio, who claims to be pope, is nothing more than a Marxist agitator who is appointing more Marxist agitators in high church positions.

Ann Barnhardt has some of the best write-ups on why Bergolio is the Anti-pope.  As for me, all I can see is a man who cares more for this world than for the next, who is actively attempting to destroy church doctrine and replace it with Modernist bullshit, and who does't actually believe a damn bit of what the Church teaches.

I didn't like him when he first was selected.  I like him even less now, and my dislike for him grows every day.  I can only hope that we are able to repair the damage he's doing.


David said...

Marxism is so highly incompatible with Christianity, it's diabolical that it has infested the Church so deeply. The Church’s history is full of popes fighting marxism, let alone the thousands of priests (some now Saints) who fought against it, and were killed as a result. This is a time for prayer, and failing that, there's an all out war against satan in our future I fear.

Deserttrek said...

I am not a Catholic so not much for me to say. I remember John Paul 2 and seeing what I thought was a strong person of faith with an agenda that spoke to the people and a spiritual leadership. He seemed to embrace all and favor none.
Didn't have to agree with him but was always impressed with his stature and dignity and saw him as an shining example of humanities role in the world
The last two guys dodn't seem to be that or want to be that. Just my opinion.

Ragin' Dave said...

Benedict was a good Pope, he just didn't have the media on his side, as he was more conservative than JPII. Bergolio is the antithesis of what a Catholic is supposed to be and do.