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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Russian Collusion!

Obama gave Russia the number and location of ballistic missiles we sold to Britain.

Here, let me say that again:

Obama gave Russia the number of missiles that we sold to Britain, and also THEIR LOCATION.

Confirming Rule #3:  SJWs always PROJECT.  The reason the Left is so insistent that Trump is colluding with the Russians is because they've been bent over, sucking Putin's cock for the entire Obama tenure.  The concept of Trump not being pathetic, filthy whores for Putin the way they are is unthinkable to them.

I've said it before:  We will never fix the damage that Obama did to this country.  Now we find out we may never fix the damage he did to other countries as well.

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0007 said...

Yeah, he got real flexible after the 2012 election. If a repuke had pulled that crap we would have been reading about "high crimes and misdemeanors" the next day.